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Thursday 08/09/12

Few Calls for a Modern Grain Reserve
Going back in time, grain reserves have been used to protect the people from the price shocks or hunger of droughts. There was of course Joseph of Egypt and Roger of North Dakota.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 8:59AM CDT 08/09/12 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
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Jacob's son Joseph became essentially the "Viceroy" or Prime Minister of the then powerful Empire of Egypt suggesting the kingdom store food during the years of plenty to be prepared for the "lean" years. It was wisdom then-so why isn't it equally so, now. Oh, yeah...the Pharaoh was a WISE ruler, so perhaps we some of those, too-n'est pas?
Posted by Ric Ohge at 10:36AM CDT 08/09/12
Chris, I think if we look at the past two years, one was extremely wet the other extremely dry, we need to enhance the soil by increaseing drainage and installing irrigation. The wetlands policy we have today has contributed greatly to the production problems we have faced in both years. We lost production last year on those most productive soils and this year some of those areas are still wet. By creating a drainage system with resevoirs that we could irrigate out of we would be able to help the soil health and produce a more stable crop. This would be true conservation of our resources and would actually solve some problems. We would have to of course prioritize ag production over recreation which seems increasingly hard to do in this country. Creating reserves really doen't solve anything when you have short supply to begin with. Like you said the oil reserve, it only buys you a short amount of time.
Posted by Young Farmer at 11:02AM CDT 08/09/12
How can you build a grain reserve when the earth has 7 billion souls and millions of acres each year are being paved over for Mc Mansions and shopping malls? Young Farmer and the Neocons might complain about wetland preservation but have no problem with farmland degradation by paving over prime farmland! We ahve treated land as a commodity and disrespected it by building suburbia which will soon be realized as the biggest mistake of this "free society"! You conservative may laugh at "European socialism" but there they treat land as a resource and preserve farmland, you don't see any corn field suburban housing/shopping project.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 10:35PM CDT 08/09/12
Imagine that! The Food Bill being routed in the direction of the original intent, using a grain bank. What a novel concept. Snap and crop insurance not being held hostage to each other. What would the politicians and special interest groups have to argue about? I agree, Jay, however liberals are as guilty as conservatives. The reason the Europeans do what they do is they have not had the vast expanse this country has for hundreds of years. Their land policies were in place long before the socialists slipped it to freedom. Since the dominance of socialism, farmers there do not have the freedom to farm, their production is impaired do to mandates. Look for information, Jay, not support fpr your opinion.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 5:49AM CDT 08/10/12
Why all the uproar? Give it a year or two and we will have a glutten of corn. Happen before, will happen again! No one was this conserned when corn was 1.75 and farmers were really hurting.In the end they would use a grain reserve against the farmer.Opec countries don't give us a break when oil is short.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 6:42AM CDT 08/10/12
"The program would cost less than traditional farm programs as well" With the end of direct payments, that will be quite an accomplishment!! And many if not most tax payers don't want any subsidies for farmers including crop insurance. We had a reserve in the past - it kept prices at the bottom of the range. Fool me once....
Posted by Curt Zingula at 7:02AM CDT 08/10/12
Been there Bonnie and the farmers are far more passioned of their rights then farmers in this corporate owned society. Here we just let Monsanto, ADM and Cargil lobbies make our farm policy. I didn't see any farmers bound by the "chains of socialism". Tea baggers beleive anything other then corporation run societies are forms of socialism.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:38AM CDT 08/10/12
Go to any EU. country and try to plant hops where you would like to. Good luck.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 10:30AM CDT 08/10/12
See any hop fields here? Just corn, soya and wheat,,, that's what corporations want subsidized! They lobby for farm bills that keep farmers a float while they collect the cream of profits! Looks like global warming has become a game changer for them. Like rats on a sinking ship they are scurrying for policy changes! Will be interesting to see what happens and how they will squeeze us for inputs and production when half are burned by drought and the others that have a crop are making "their" profits! Don't worry the " big boys" wont go broke, especially if Romney wins, they will just follow his biz plan found in his tax returns!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:00AM CDT 08/11/12
Lots of specialty crops, Jay.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 6:11AM CDT 08/12/12
Bonnie...THANK YOU for being willing to point in the direction you did. It's really been a smart move ever since the weeds and bugs started doing their "Ghost Dance" on our Row Crops. There are some mega companies that might have a lot to answer for some day soon. Meanwhile, ABC News reported that demand is greatly increasing the number of Farmers Markets across the US. That may not sound appealing to some, but as these proliferate and become brick and mortar businesses, Farmers are discovering the joy of getting paid for what they produce without Commodity Market manipulations of the price and without middlemen.
Posted by Ric Ohge at 9:37AM CDT 08/14/12
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