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Sunday 06/23/13

Obama to Detail New Climate Initiatives
In a speech Tuesday, President Obama will lay out a series of executive actions his administration is planning or initiating to combat climate change.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:56AM CDT 06/23/13 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
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President goofy thinks he can control the weather. See George Will's take at
Posted by John Olson at 2:25PM CDT 06/23/13
This sorry fool will do anything to get off the subject of all his scandals. he has the Fast and Furious scandal that one of our border agents killed trying to prove Mexico violence was because of our gun laws. The Fort Hood shootings that he refuses to call a terrorist act. The Benghazi killing of our Ambassador and three other brave men while hid under his desk and got ready to go to Las Vegas for a campaign speech and fund raiser. He then gets one of his toadies to blame it on a video on all of the major media news shows. Then he has his slime Attorney General trump up a false case against a Fox News reporter that they had to go to 3 judges to find one with low enough morals to sign it. Then the I.R.S. only targets conservative groups who want tax exempt status for their groups and tries to blame it on some poor fools in Ohio. He takes responsibility for nothing. Believe me this guy will try anything to get off these subjects. The picture off him standing and giving a speech with a Marine holding an umbrella over his head is fitting for a Banana Republic Dictator which pretty much describes him anymore.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 10:09AM CDT 06/24/13
It is about time this society realizes that corporate profits are not as important as life itself. Getting off fossil fuels needs to be the largest concern we will ever have to face. Just think if we had the money from the past oil wars to divert carbon catastrophe! It is probably too late for climate change as the atmosphere reached 400ppm this past year putting us in the danger zone or "tipping point" but we still need to exonerate this administration for taking the first steps and hope they ignore the corporate puppets of the right wing.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 11:40AM CDT 06/24/13
What has the temperature trend been for the last 15 years Jay Mcginnis ? Have you ever learned about fossil records and past carbon concentrations ? What were people doing then to influence the climate ? There is no normal concerning weather . If you farm you would know that . Every year is different , every day is different . When they quote a percentage of scientists that agree on causes of climate change how many are climate scientists and weather trained and how many are political scientists ?
Posted by Unknown at 1:48PM CDT 06/24/13
97% of scientists are convinced of global climate change, there was an election where the majority of the people voted for a president that follows science not creationism, and why would I subscribe to DTN if I didn't farm? Whats your point "unknown",,, you like oil, coal? You want to support Mideast terrorist states and such scandals as the 911 scandal of what GW was doing while 3000 Americans were killed on American soil by Saudi born terrorists and then the Iraq scandal of Bush attacking the wrong country (oopsy!!!) oh sorry Gordon,,, that war was because of WMD that was never found (double oopsy!!!!). I soo no valid points being made by any of you guys other then parroting what Rush Limbo says.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 3:34PM CDT 06/24/13
Jay you truly are a good liberal. I see you figure the anointed one is truly the messiah. If his precious government was not going to get any money from his concern for global warming, which is the term you folks used until that proved problematic. Something like liberal all of a sudden becoming progressive because does not make you sound like a complete fool. If you are going to be a liberal at least have the guts to admit it. Liberalism is the place for people who have finally figured out they are not what they thought they were and do not have the guts to try to change it. It just has to be someone else fault. Congratulations you have reached it.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 4:45PM CDT 06/24/13
Jay check out
Posted by John Olson at 6:42PM CDT 06/24/13
Great facts Jay .Fox News has the Right Wingers buying their slease hang in thereJay.
Posted by melvin meister at 10:20PM CDT 06/24/13
Seven "regional climate hubs?" What the heck is that all about? We already have such a huge USDA bureaucracy and now seven more? In the state of Ohio where my farms are located, we have the FSA, NRCS, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, all at the county level as well as in the state headquarters. Then we have the Federal EPA that is involved in every breath we take. Add to that all of the State of Ohio departments that replicate all of these national functions...and now, seven more regional hubs? Would someone please tell me that I just woke up from a bad, bureaucratic dream?
Posted by tom vogel at 9:39AM CDT 06/25/13
your buerocratic night mare is self induced by volentering for an ag welfare payment and subsidized insurance.
Posted by DAN ALLEN at 4:06PM CDT 06/25/13
I love how someone found a way to bring crop insurance into a discussion thread about the president's climate change initiatives. smh...
Posted by Jarrod Bennett at 8:08AM CDT 06/26/13
If there was no money or control in it for a liberal leftist they would not have any interest in climate change which has been happening for centuries. The Clintons did not like America, our current leaders really do not like our country. Gore, Clinton, and Barak have all run around the world trashing our country. The U.N. is ready to cash in on global warming BIG TIME ! The world has lost all respect for us and our community organizer.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 8:41AM CDT 06/26/13
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