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Wednesday 04/09/14

Everyone is Lobbying on the RFS
All sides are working to influence EPA on the Renewable Fuels Standard. Several groups are making their position known through time with EPA officials, congressional hearings or events set up exclusively for press.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 7:56PM CDT 04/09/14 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
Comments (9)
Good reporting Chris ; Please report what Nascar Childress had to say also. Thanks
Posted by melvin meister at 9:42AM CDT 04/10/14
Chris: Humph! In this rangeland operator's book, the RFS was our government's way of dealing with the extensive negative consequences of the formerly incredible annual pile of subsidized feed grains destroying domestic and world markets. RFS was necessary political fix to raise "market prices" for corn upwards so as not to be guilty of distorting subsidies under WTO. The tremendous rise in livestock prices over the past few years is absolute proof that grossly excessive overproduction of corn kept all commodity prices down, and that would include the economic value of rangeland. Subsidies are evil beyond evil. I well remember the annual arrogant threat by cattle buyers: "We can feed them cheaper than we can graze them." So, quite un-naturally, the need for grazing land was diminished and thus great numbers of ranches were converted to ranchettes and worse. While some farmers thrived others went broke. There are ALWAYS two sides to every equation. Producer price subsidies were a primary cause of excess corn market distortions. Direct payments were a secondary direct cause, and RFS is a disgusting tertiary interference with market forces, designed entirely to mitigate all the negative effects of the first two abominations. H. Clay Daulton
Posted by H. Clay Daulton at 11:57AM CDT 04/10/14
The only way the government scheme of ethanol use survives is with government blending mandates. Without this and who know how many billions of ethanol subsidies corn ethanol would not see the light of day.
Posted by T Kuster at 12:53PM CDT 04/10/14
Kuster I suppose you would like a 5 billion bu. carry over and 5 doller gas.
Posted by melvin meister at 9:05PM CDT 04/10/14
We need to also look at upgrading our transportation system whether it be railroads, hiways, pipelines. We are producing more of everything and now finding bottle necks in getting commodities shipped. The next thing that will happen will be some kind of shipping tax put on this crap ethanol. Ethanol has little to do with keeping gas from 5 dollars.
Posted by GWL 61 at 8:38AM CDT 04/11/14
I believe ethanol is at present the only safe oxygenate we have to put in our gas for some areas of the country to achieve air quality standards. We could go back to MTBE which goes into the soil and never goes away. Or city folks could just park their cars. Good luck with that.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 9:17AM CDT 04/11/14
I get that we needed the RFS to incubate the ETOH industry. The industry is mature. It is not going away. Time for the RFS to exit stage left.
Posted by Unknown at 6:25PM CDT 04/11/14
RFS is just another big government disaster. See
Posted by T Kuster at 6:54AM CDT 04/21/14
Dear GWL 36.5 mpg across Minn. and WI. does not sound like [crap ethanol]to me .Think before you make dumb statments.
Posted by melvin meister at 9:35PM CDT 04/30/14
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