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Tuesday 02/26/13

Agricultural Labor and Immigration Issues in Spotlight
Members of the Agriculture Workforce Coalition sent a letter Tuesday to House and Senate leadership calling for support of immigration legislation that addresses agriculture's unique labor needs. A House Judiciary Subcommittee also held a hearing on agricultural labor on Tuesday as well.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:34PM CST 02/26/13 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
Comments (5)
In some ares of the nation, about 25% of the residents are on public assisstance 25% are employed by the gov. 25% retired and 25% unemployed. Why is it so easy not to work?
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 6:13AM CST 02/27/13
You are assuming that people don't want to work, that retired people don't deserve retirement, that government employes aren't needed and that all unemployed are leaches,,,,, your figures add up to 100%,,,, where do you get such numbers? Such is the party of tea, those that feel threatened by change, part of that being hard working immigrants who are working while American teenagers (those that use to do such work)play violent video games. The party of tea sees people in the lowest denominator, that all nonwhite's are looking for handouts and need to be deported,,, I say look at the orchards, the vegetable fields, and all the work places that 'Tea party" folks look down and you will see who does the real work Bonnie! Yes you can find a few people that don't want to work but I can go to the local coffee shop and show you lots of 'Tea people" not working but talking in the tone of your comment!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 6:47AM CST 02/27/13
Wrong again Jay! You can add though. Too bad you must be inflicted with tunnel vision. How, from my statement can you assume I do not think people who earned a pension do not deserve one? How can you assume I do not think government employees are not needed. I get the numbers you question from our household and family members being involved in local and attending Township, County and State Government informational seminars and meetings. Do I need to break down generalities in order for comprehention on your part?? How in the world can you assume I am a Tea Party member? When employees are forced to work irregular hours and mandatory overtime while there is a help wanted sign in the front window, where there is high unemployment, and government housing abounds, something is wrong. In your misguided assumptions I am supporting teen idolness, which you are so quick to codemn, I do not. Such is an area I ridicule and is promoted with the existance of liberal government programs. It may well do this nation much benefit for the arrogant to take a look at what groups, such as a Tea Party has to say. How in the world can you bring the race card into a general, broad statement? Some of your narrow minded comments are down right asinine.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 9:53AM CST 02/27/13
Once upon a time there was President who was once an actor, who came up with a brilliant sound-bite which was, "We have a 'trickle-down' Economy". Pundits and the MSM either embraced or cursed it, but never the less, it became part of the Public Lexicon. As time went on, behold, 'We The People', Wall Street, the Banksters and everyone with the need used it so much it became "fact", but only in that way Pop Culture can make. With the aide and abetting of Internet Bloggers & Keynesian Economists, it became true belief. [Klaxon Sounds] Absolutely, it was like unto the Emperor's New Clothes-it verily did not exist. For those wiser about such matters realized that monies of all kinds begin with the soil, with the Farmer, then rose through small enterprise, manufacturing and rose up unto those who have stood millenia at the apex of this great truth-but lo, they had forgotten this, and so crippled small farms and enterprise, which crippled manufacturing and so on, spreading malaise and futility to all enterprise. They allowed those who represented the people to postulate that taking away Liberty was Security, taking away monies to distribute to all equally would spur wealth, that using government to limit competition was wisdom. Then the weeds and storms came, the Banks began to fail, and Stamp Farms LLC went Bankrupt, and was auctioned into history. Anyone getting the picture yet?
Posted by Ric Ohge at 10:06AM CST 02/27/13
Perhaps more US citizens would be available to work if we were not so busy paying them not too work. See
Posted by Lon Truly at 10:13AM CST 02/27/13
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