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Monday 02/03/14

Program Options for Commodity Crops in the Farm Bill
Under the Agricultural Act of 2014, farmers have to make a decision early this year on which commodity program they like until at least 2018. Farmers are going to have to choose whether they want to try to protect their revenue with a commodity program or place a bet that commodity prices will fall lower in the coming year and back up that position by buying supplemental insurance coverage each year.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:58AM CST 02/03/14 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
Comments (4)
Is there a disaster program in the bill?
Posted by KEITH PEARSON at 6:47AM CST 02/04/14
Yeah, the whole thing is a disaster! What a joke that this is the best they can do. Shallow losses are now covered. What a joke. This will just make the bigger, bigger and more aggressive. Oh well. I don't expect much from politicians anyways. So long little farmers. It was nice knowing you!
Posted by Pedro Sanchez at 10:55AM CST 02/04/14
Another government disaster that is comparable to obamacare. Largest government farm benefits to those with the greatest wealth. Pathetic crony capitalism. Government guaranteeing the wealthiest the largest profits and largest investment guarantees with some of the welfare kings getting l million plus annually in government insurance subsidies..
Posted by W Kuster at 11:05AM CST 02/04/14
Are you sure that the decision has to be made for the 2014 crop year? I heard it might be for 2015?
Posted by Jeff Opsahl at 11:38AM CST 02/04/14
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