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Friday 01/24/14

Monday, Monday: Can You Trust That Day?
Monday is now the latest, greatest big day in Washington for the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 farm bill. A pair of top Capitol Hill websites now report House conferees to the farm bill and their congressional staffers are being alerted to a possible agreement that could demand meetings as early as Monday.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:51PM CST 01/24/14 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
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Monday will be a great day if the robbers from farm states who are masquerading as legislators do not show up to vote. We would probably be better off with bank robbers for legislators. These people are satisfied to only steal a few thousands from banks. These farm state legislators have an insatiably greedy appetite for thievery awarding their wealthiest pals with not only millions in annual crop insurance subsidies but also millions in investment/profit guarantees. It does not bother these birds to spend billions of other's people money, money that we do not have, or money we are borrowing from China.
Posted by W Kuster at 4:03PM CST 01/25/14
Sorry Mr/Ms Kuster, you'll just have to forgive our legislators for attempting to maintain the cheapest and most abundant food supply in the world while trying to assure that the producers of said food are able to withstand the uncertainty of not only the atmospheric environment but also the ever changing political environment . Are the results of this process perfect? Far from it, but these investments in rural America are what's keeping the agricultural wheel rolling, small towns and schools viable and coraporate farms from taking over all of agriculture. If small farms are not profitable , who knows CHINA may buy not just the raw product but may just come on over and own our land and export all our food. Sleep good tonight with your belly full!
Posted by JOHNNY LAYTON at 9:29PM CST 01/26/14
75% of the government benefits to 5% of the largest farmers is annihilating rural America. See And you think government programs are limiting the corporate takeover of rural America?
Posted by W Kuster at 7:47AM CST 01/27/14
C'mon W., your reasoning could be campared to stating 75% of government benefits of SNAP is for the 5% of the largest food retailers.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 9:07AM CST 01/27/14
There are not any snap recipients receiving multimillion dollar subsidies and multimillion dollar investment/profit guarantees. JD, ADM, Pioneer, and many banks are harvesting millions if not billions from federal crop insurance though. So it is just not the large farmers receiving the big government benefits.
Posted by W Kuster at 10:24AM CST 01/27/14
So you think snap benefits end up at the local farmers market, W. ? The mega stores get most. Take a tour and do some local grocery shopping. Don't read the EWG bull. The Walmart type conglomorates have done immeasurable damage to all small business, including farmers. Just making a comparrison, but when one is stuck on an uneducated agenda, intelligent thought and reason are not possible.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 12:58PM CST 01/27/14
In 2012 the reported federal subsidy for federal crop insurance was $117 billion. Numerous sources estimated farmer indemnities in 2012 at 16 billion. See
Posted by W Kuster at 1:31PM CST 01/27/14
As noted in the American Thinker blog; "Under the pre-conference bills, individuals can receive no more than $50,000 in subsidies and $75,000 in loan deficiency payments on marketing loans. For a couple, that adds up to a $250,000 cap." This level of government support is greatly under the AGI limits of $750K by the Senate and $950 by the house. The subsidy for 1,000 acres of corn using highest level of the new ARP would use almost all the limit. Granted not many will make that selection but one may need to review subsidy level prior to setting up crop insurance program if this provision becomes part of the farm bill. Freeport, IL
Posted by Freeport IL at 3:54PM CST 01/27/14
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