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Friday 11/08/13

Order the Turkey, And Make It a Big One
Now that the USDA has essentially confirmed a monster corn harvest of 14 billion bushels, livestock feeders can look forward to one of the most heartfelt Thanksgivings experienced in years.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:57PM CST 11/08/13 by John Harrington | Post a Comment
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John, While lower corn prices may help integrated hog and poultry producers, cattle feeders will, in an effort to fill their abundant pen space, simply bid feeder prices higher up to their new breakeven. The consequences of ignoring the real cause of poor fed cattle economics are real. The NCBA continues their misguided attack on ethanol, when the real cause of their hardship is the combination of record low cattle numbers and a lot of empty pen space. I would appreciate more reporting on this issue. Thanks, Tim Hume
Posted by TIm Hume at 7:36AM CST 11/13/13
Tim Hume is spot on
Posted by Unknown at 10:54AM CST 11/26/13
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