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Friday 08/24/12

Procurement Correctness
Sometimes facts, details, truth and larger consequences simply aren't considered.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:02PM CDT 08/24/12 by John Harrington | Post a Comment
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OK, let's throw PC out the window and call a spade a dairy cow. Nearly all of the market killing "disclosures" over the past 10 years have not involved producers who make their living producing beef. Whether they are the BSE "cow that stole Christmas" in 2003 or the more recent videos of the horrible practices used on downer cows at slaughter plants, they have mostly come from cull dairy cows. Perhaps some increased pressure on that segment of the industry would help keep the real beef industry from suffering at the hands of those for whom beef is a by-product.
Posted by CURTIS RUSSELL at 9:35PM CDT 08/28/12
Oh man, not an us against them again!
Posted by Dave Brutscher at 9:20PM CDT 09/27/12
No, it's not us vs them, just facts.
Posted by CURTIS RUSSELL at 10:22PM CDT 10/02/12
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