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Friday 08/22/14

The Lost Grills of Labor Day?
Where have the Labor Day barbeques of our youth gone?[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:26PM CDT 08/22/14 by John Harrington | Post a Comment
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Cash strapped wage earners just can't afford to pay these kinds of prices at the stores for beef, pork......its a rich mans item any more kind of like shrimp and lobster. Now with corn at 3.00 or less, when will meat products start going down at the store? Ethanol has not done much for the American consumer really. I think some of the agriculture entities are going to be in for a bumpy ride. Late model used combines seem to be taking a real hit now. Livestock equipment seem to be doing ok. 1400-1600 dollars for a calf ? How many people are going to jump into to the cattle business? When will this peak before it crashes? Lots of uncertainties in this world, it seems.
Posted by GWL 61 at 11:49AM CDT 08/24/14
At this time, beef has a long row to hoe...we are at all time lows of beef cows as many farmers sold off the cows, tilled up the pastures and are now farming those acres....drought in many areas has also made it hard for ranchers to expand. Now with the high price of replacement heifers it may become worse as you have feedlots trying to purchase the same heifers that the rancher wants as replacements...this also makes it hard for any young person that WANTS to get into the cattle business....takes way to much capital to start up, so dad or grandpa will need to help. With pork we have had some time to get beyond the PED and pig survival has been really good in our area...HOWEVER, PED likes the cooler temps and may come back this fall and winter...I hope not as I have friends who are pork producers and its not a fun thing when the PED hits the barn. If they can get PED under control, pork will probably be the meat of choice for families in the future...litters of 10 make more meat than the single calf.
Posted by Corey Gall at 11:39AM CDT 08/26/14
the habit of under paying for ag products needs to stop so stability can happen what the market people do not want.It is a threat to security in our country
Posted by andrew mohlman at 9:55PM CDT 08/26/14
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