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Friday 01/18/13

The Expected Surprise
No one who has been paying attention to the dwindling size of the cow herd over the last decade or so can truly describe Cargill's plug-pulling of its Plainview, Texas, beef processing plant as "unexpected."[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 5:07PM CST 01/18/13 by John Harrington | Post a Comment
Comments (2)
I don't fully understand why Cargill believes beef demand will slow. Every time we drive by or go eat at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant there always seems to be a line waiting to be seated. In addition, beef exports will probably continue to grow although at a slower rate than 2012. It doesn't add up...
Posted by Bryan Sievers at 8:06AM CST 01/22/13
Will it be nebraska roadhouse restaurant? No feed no cattle no steaks. equal higher prices no customers?
Posted by Unknown at 1:51AM CST 01/25/13
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