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Monday 08/06/12

A Diamond in the Roughage
On a recent trip back home, I took my brother and a friend out into corn and soybean fields while trying to answer their questions about the drought. Perhaps this drought, as devastating as it is, will make the general public more aware of the risks and challenges farmers face.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 5:03PM CDT 08/06/12 by Katie Micik | Post a Comment
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Katie, Very nice article. I agree. I was sharing with some people about the beauty of agriculture. I was telling them in Ag it produces new wealth every year. Because the crops it produces year in and year out are brand new. Never existed before. I was comparing let say Lawyers they don't really produce something new every year. They just take money from one identity and move it to the next. But the farmer creates new wealth every year. Farming is the backdrop of all nations. Without food a society can no longer survive. Through this drought year the thing I noticed the most was people getting back to foundation of their roots. The foundation is acknowleding the Giver and Sustainer of Life. None of us had a choice to be born. None of us keep our hearts beating. None of us keep our lungs breathing. IF Life is given to us and sustained for us then it is only right that we HONOR the One that gives and sustains our Life for us. He gives the early and latter rain. Farmers will overcome there will be a 2013 crop. And I know a farmer also that walks with God and talks with God. God is the Lord of His Life Through the drought in July the most critical time He sought the Lord, prayed and just kept declaring "Jeremiah 17:7" over his crops and He got a 3 inch rain that sustained his 2012 crop year. 2012 will be the best harvest He has ever had. Like you say a diamond in the roughage. The Fear of the Lord is the begiinning of wisdom. God Bless the Farmer! Bruce.
Posted by Bruce Cumberland at 7:07AM CDT 08/07/12
"A few of the questions I received were very informed. One of my friends asked me about research into drought tolerance and why these new hybrids that are supposed to be able to withstand the dry conditions were performing so poorly." Perform so poorly? My response would be to compare the yield this year (yet to be determined, 110,120,130?) to whichever year you want to compare our rainfall to (1988, Dust Bowl, et al). I would say they have performed tremendously in that respect.
Posted by CATHARINE BUTLER at 9:10AM CDT 08/07/12
Good job, Katie! Keep 'em informed! Also remind people that us old guys survived 3 of these droughts in 8 years in the eighties without crop insurance! How'd we do that? It was tough! The highest USDA average yield in those 3 years was 91 bpa. Also remind people about farms like ours (this year owned and farmed by the same bloodline for 100 years) and all the hardships that families like ours had to endure to keep it that way! What a journey that has been with all the ups and downs! A quick comment about genetics. A neighbor has some non-gmo corn and it looks as good as some $400 per bag modified/stacked stuff! Just an observation!?????????????! Stay with it!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Roger Cooper at 1:25PM CDT 08/07/12
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