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Friday 08/03/12

Corn Basis Holds Steady
The national average basis for corn was down 1 cent to 8 cents over the September futures contract and the Telvent DTN National Corn Index slipped 15 cents to $7.12.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 8:42AM CDT 08/03/12 by Katie Micik | Post a Comment
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To All Farmers: With the focus on corn and beans there is something really interesting going on in the hay market. There is very little. I called up to a auction close to the Des Moines area and the Perry Hay Auction was off the charts last week. There was more buyers than sellers. The price of a little square bale hit $15.75 for alfalfa. The low end was 7-8 dollars. There is alot of a anxiety in the livestock industry. Most haven't even factored in people with horses. Those hay burners will eat you out of house and home. If you have hay to sell you are going to make record profits per bale. If you need hay lay up as much as you can. This spring there won't be in any. It will be either fed up or producers won't sell what they have, they need it themselves.
Posted by Bruce Cumberland at 12:21PM CDT 08/03/12
Bruce, there is a lot of concern about hay supplies and prices this year. Thank you for the report on the hay auction. $15.75 is a lot to pay for a square bale. In parts of Illinois they got two cuttings before Memorial Day and the alfalfa that grew after that was no more than 6 in tall when it flowered. There are parts of the country that have hay and we may end up seeing a lot of hay haulers on the interstate this year. Louisiana just relaxed it's trucking restrictions for hay because they're expecting to ship a lot of it out of the state this year. I've also heard there's a lot of hay for sale in Mississippi -- the question is how much do you want to pay for transportation. And horses -- I've got a good friend who's worked with show horse most of her life. She told me the barn she used to work for is paying $7-8 for a bale (I think she was referring to Timothy grass specifically) right now and they've never paid that much. Given this drought's center over Indiana and Kentucky, I bet the horse industry is going to feel the pain.
Posted by KATIE MICIK at 12:34PM CDT 08/03/12
what would be a good way to advertise hay for sale . I have about 4,000+5x5 round rolls for sale need sugestions . Thank You Bill
Posted by bill mason at 9:00AM CDT 10/16/12
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