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Friday 05/30/14

BNSF Finishes Fertilizer; Shippers Still Looking for Grain Cars
Ice on the Great Lakes is down to a little over 1%. BNSF declares mission accomplished on fertilizer shipment goals, but many are still waiting for grain cars.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:41AM CDT 05/30/14 by Mary Kennedy | Post a Comment
Comments (5)
i sure hope some of the shareholders of these rail companies know how they treat their customers
Posted by JeremeyFrost at 1:31PM CDT 05/30/14
I am sure Buffet knows and I am sure he cares as much about that as he is about having all the companies he and his investment firm controls pay that $10.10 he and Obama thinks people should make.
Posted by CRAIG MOORE at 9:02AM CDT 06/02/14
Shareholders invest for profit and Unions look after their members. Enviro's seem to be against everything while expecting the best. Buffet will never have enough. Start constructing pipelines and transmission lines for energy and the general public will benefit. As long as the Pres. has Buffet, the Enviro's and the Unions filling his pockets, this nation will be in a quagmire.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 6:07AM CDT 06/03/14
Bonnie, I will reiterate the obvious, but there are lots of 3rd world countries with no unions, environmental regulations, stable governments, or even the resources to address the issues you appear to be so irritated by. This quagmire you refer to? Have you left your township or county lately? It would appear by your standards that the Ukraine is an unbridled opportunity these days. Things may be perfect for you since unions still exist and most folks want a clean and sustainable atmosphere but an effort is underway to reverse 200+ years of social and environmental progress and I guess you would be delighted. Bring back the 1700s - when men were men and women were - well, they were just a commodity.! Go to Delhi and breathe the air, then tell me we need that in the USA
Posted by Don Thompson at 7:44AM CDT 06/03/14
How in the world could someone interpret things are perfect for me as they are and have a desire to go back in time. The issues I mention are some of the major hurdles with-in the subject matter of the article and prevents infrastructure expansion and development. Try and get a new bridge built. Try and get a permit to remove minerals in Minnesota, for example. When was the last major RR line constructed across N.D. The Enviro's I refer to might think they could kill a buffalo with a sharp stick and live on wild mushrooms. The R.Roads were constructed when the cars were 40 ft. long and the train length was a fraction of what it is today. They do not have the capacity to handle the tonnage being hauled over them. When was the last lock and dam expansion? Yes, I would be delighted if improvement could be made to our infrastructure, not reversing it.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 5:54AM CDT 06/04/14
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