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Wednesday 02/03/16

Informa Sees Big South America Crops
Private analytical firm Informa Economics sees larger corn crops in Brazil and Argentina and maintains its forecasts for large soybean crops.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:32AM CST 02/03/16 by Katie Micik | Post a Comment
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O gee what a surprise the largest over estimating group there is to bad there not held accountable smaller crops are obvious and good they can lose money growing corn I suppose they have 250 bu corn too
Posted by andrew mohlman at 7:35AM CST 02/04/16

Monday 02/01/16

Mississippi River Swallows Another Barge; Gulf Region Still Above Flood Stage
Water levels are dropping slowly on the Mississippi River system but remain above flood stage on the lower part of the river.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:21AM CST 02/01/16 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Wednesday 01/27/16

Grains Resilient Amid Crude's Meltdown
Crude oil's meltdown has weighed on the commodities sector, but one analyst explained to me why he thinks grain fundamentals are resilient.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:51PM CST 01/27/16 by Katie Micik | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 01/25/16

Lower Mississippi River Still Dangerous For Barges; Old Vicksburg Bridge Battered by Tows
The lower Mississippi River remains dangerous for barges due to high and fast-moving water, thus hindering grain transportation.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:22PM CST 01/25/16 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 01/18/16

Strong River Current Causing Problems
Tows are having trouble navigating the strong river current near Vicksburg on the Mississippi River, where barges hit the bridge three days in a row.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:20AM CST 01/18/16 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Friday 01/15/16

Sometimes It Pays To Ask: Brazil Ending Stocks
DTN analyst Todd Hultman wondered why Brazil's ending stocks estimates appeared to be uncommonly tight, yet prices remained unfazed. Here's what he learned.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:50AM CST 01/15/16 by Todd Hultman | Post a Comment
Comments (6)
Could Argentina's farmers be selling through Brazil
Posted by Stan Schoen at 11:19AM CST 01/15/16
That is a strong possibility, but I can't say we have any proof that I'm aware of.
Posted by Todd Hultman at 2:50PM CST 01/15/16
Mr. Hultman: This is in the opposite direction, by a fairly good number (76 Million Bushels) from the attaché. What's up with that? What is the roll of an attaché in the USDA's process anyway? Freeport, IL
Posted by Freeport IL at 10:11AM CST 01/18/16
You are right about that and we have seen this before where the attache report was modified or over-ruled by other considerations. In this case, I was informed that there were two other pieces of important data that came in after the attache report which led them to the lower ending stocks estimate that they published on Jan. 12. Personally, I feel that the ABIOVE estimate mentioned above is probably closer to the actual situation. Thanks -
Posted by Todd Hultman at 10:58AM CST 01/18/16
Good morning, one think you need to take in consideration is Paraguay, it been a yearly trade, to sell SBS to the Brazilians crushers, the historical range has been .3-.7 million tons. that is another variable to have in mind. Another think to think about Paraguayan SBS will trade before Argentinian SBS will, because of logistics cost and availability. Hoe this help to you alll.
Posted by Gonzalo bolivar at 1:53PM CST 01/29/16
Thank you Gonzalo, that is helpful.
Posted by Todd Hultman at 8:20PM CST 01/29/16

Monday 01/11/16

Mississippi River Floodwaters Reach New Orleans
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and river shipping companies are preparing to deal with flooding along the Lower Mississippi River this week.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:33AM CST 01/11/16 by Mary Kennedy | Post a Comment
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UPDATE 1-13-16 The US Coast Guard closed the River at Mile marker 437 near Vicksburg Tuesday after the US 80 bridge was hit by a tow, sinking 4 barges. Then on Wednesday, after the USCG reopened the river there, the bridge was hit again, sinking more barges. The currents are dangerously strong, likely causing the tows to veer as they head under the bridge. So far there is no apparent damage to the bridge, but the river is closed once again and it is likely the barges may not be retrieved until water levels drop.
Posted by Mary Kennedy at 4:43PM CST 01/13/16

Wednesday 01/06/16

Flooding Moves South to Gulf; CME Declares Force Majeure on Illinois River
The Mississippi River continues to fluctuate, still obstructing river traffic and endangering lives and property.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:44PM CST 01/06/16 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Wednesday 12/30/15

Heavy Rains, Snow Wreak Havoc on River System
Unusual winter flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries is creating problems for the nation's river transportation system.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:04PM CST 12/30/15 by Mary Kennedy | Post a Comment
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Update from USACE St. Louis District: River Stages as of Jan. 3 are lower and have the current depths: Louisiana, 16.9 feet; Grafton, 28.6; St. Louis, 38.7; Cape, 48.0. For more info: USACE Memphis District: Based on readings as of Jan. 3, Ohio River was near-crest at 56 feet on Cairo gage. Stages should stay steady next two-to-three days, then fall slowly. The NWS forecast on Jan. 3 said the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge will rise above flood stage by the afternoon of Jan. 4 and continue to rise to near 44 feet around mid-January. Union Pacific RR currently has or anticipates outages on several key routes south and west of St. Louis.
Posted by Mary Kennedy at 2:50PM CST 01/03/16

Monday 12/28/15

STB Ready to Decide on Permanent Rail Service Updates
Several groups took advantage of the Surface Transportation Board's waiver of its prohibition on ex parte communications to give their views on the board's proposed rules on railroad performance data reporting. The rules are intended to improve rail service and prevent backlogs experienced by shippers -- including grain shippers -- the past few years.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:37PM CST 12/28/15 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 12/21/15

2015 Grain Shipping Season Ends in Duluth-Superior
When the Federal Bering left port, it marked the official end of the 2015 season for salt water ships for the Twin Ports.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:17PM CST 12/21/15 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 12/14/15

Congress Passes STB Reauthorization Act of 2015
Congress last week passed a bill reauthorizing the Surface Transportation Board, which supporters hope will make the board more accountable and effective in addressing freight rail service issues.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:06PM CST 12/14/15 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 12/07/15

Closed for the Season; UMR Lock Closures Begin as Winter Sets In
Warm weather lengthened the Upper Mississippi River transport season by a couple of days, which helped shippers move more of the large corn crop grown this year.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:20PM CST 12/07/15 by Mary Kennedy | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Thursday 12/03/15

Sorghum Demand Looks Versatile
Grain sorghum's export estimates took a beating in the last USDA report, but overall use actually expanded.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:27PM CST 12/03/15 by Katie Micik | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 11/30/15

Dairy Industry Asks for Heavier Truck Weight Permits
Several U.S. senators are asking for truck weight flexibility for America's dairy farmers to be included in the final draft of a national transportation bill.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:42AM CST 11/30/15 by Mary Kennedy | Post a Comment
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UPDATE: On December 1, The House and Senate reached an agreement on a 5-year, transportation bill which included the milk hauling ammendment sought by the dairy industry. In a statement on their website, The National Milk Producers Federation and International Dairy Foods Association praised Congress "for its decision to include in a conference report a dairy-specific amendment that would benefit producers, processors and consumers." The organizations now urge Congress to pass the report so that it can reach President Barack Obama's desk by the Dec. 4 deadline. Posted by Mary Kennedy, DTN Basis Analyst
Posted by Mary Kennedy at 6:12PM CST 12/02/15
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