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Thursday 02/13/14

Pelleted DDGS Save Costs in Market Lambs

A feeding trial completed in the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada could mean cost savings for sheep producers, according to an article by The Post in Hanover, Ontario (…).

Dr. Paul Luimes, at the University of Guelph, recently conducted research over the course of a year using 51 breeds of sheep that were fed dried distillers grains with solubles. The trials were performed on market lambs, with feeding of DDGS at 0%, 15% and 30% of the rations, mixed with conventional feed, oats, barley and dried corn and roughage obtained from straw bedding. The initial trials were not conclusive, as lambs ate the regular feed and left up to 10% of the distiller's grain.

In order to avoid sorting, Luimes used pelletized DDGS at an inclusion rate of 15%. Since more of the DDGS was consumed, he found the DDGS saved about $4.50 per lamb, not counting the cost of pelletizing the DDGS. Luimes also found that the pelletized DDGS was easier to feed and could be stored up to a year.

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Posted at 4:32PM CST 02/13/14 by Cheryl Anderson
Comments (2)
Any estimate of the cost to pelletize? And Pelletizing is not simply running the DDGS through a pellet mill. Were any additives required for a firm pellet?
Posted by Robert Lawler at 6:55AM CST 02/14/14
Most of these ethanol blogs don't have much for what it cost to do something. We burn natural gas to dry the DDG down and most pellet mills use steam for making pellets so again we are burning natural gas to make steam for pelletizing this so called cost efficient feed.
Posted by GWL 61 at 1:11PM CST 02/14/14
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