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Tuesday 11/05/13

Yeast Protein Concentrate from DDGS Valuable in Poultry Feed

British researchers are examining proteins from ethanol fermenters for use in poultry feed, according to an article by World Poultry (…)

Biofuels pioneer Dr. Pete Williams of AB Agri believed that valuable material was overlooked when grain was fermented for bioethanol production. This led to a project involving Nottingham Trent University and AB Agri collaborating to prove that yeast protein concentrate (YPC) can be separated from the fermented matter and used as a substitute for high-value protein feeds used in chickens bred for meat production. The YPC also provides important vitamins and other micronutrients.

Researchers examined the composition of the YPC for nutritional value and found it is readily digested by chickens.

The new, patented process separates DDGS into three fractions: fiber, a watery syrup and YPC. This has a potential global production of almost 3.3 million tons of supplementary high-quality protein per year with current levels of bioethanol production.

A paper outlining the project was published in this month's issue of the journal "Food and Energy Security".

Dr. Emily Burton, of Nottingham Trent University, said she believes the research helps address the food vs. fuel issue often associated with biofuels.

"One concern with bioethanol is the perception it will compete with food crops for limited farmland. Our new work shows how the two can live side-by-side," Burton said.

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Posted at 12:36PM CST 11/05/13 by Cheryl Anderson
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