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Wednesday 12/11/13

Ethanol Production Grows
The increased production levels at ethanol plants through the country are starting to have a measureable impact on stocks. This could start to create significant weakness to the ethanol market through the next couple of months.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 4:45PM CST 12/11/13 by Rick Kment | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
Spot Ethanol Prices Tumble on Rising Domestic Supply
Federal data showing rising ethanol supply and easing demand spur a selloff in early trade, pushing spot ethanol prices sharply lower.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:50PM CST 12/11/13 by George Orwel | Post a Comment
Comments (1)
"Prices TUMBLE" "Production Spike" " 6-week High inventory" Allow a bit of comprehension. on Prices : NY spot is at $3.42 a gallon! Obviously Supply is not enought to meet total market demand. More demand from NY will drive more prodcution On Inventory: On the other side of the country, West as opposed to NY, inventory was super low ( 11 day supply versus 18 daysfor the nation). ALL the 300K bump went to the West. Does notthing for the tight issue in NY. On "6-Week high inventory'' 15.4M with a current refiner mix rate of 837K is 18 days worth. A) Not well distributed ( NY is short) B) Normal level is 20-21 days C) Winter conditions might cause delay in delivery. Prices Tumbling": a bit of exageration when NY is paying a high price for spot gallons.
Posted by Eddy Lahens at 2:54PM CST 12/11/13
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