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Wednesday 11/07/12

Ethanol Stocks Tumble Following Sandy
Ethanol stock tumbled lower to yearly lows at the end of last week according to the most recent EIA data. The lack of ability to move ethanol to the East Coast following Superstorm Sandy has eroded overall inventory levels.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:22PM CST 11/07/12 by Rick Kment | Post a Comment
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Some E12, E15 went thru?? The way we were hunting for fuel, 2-3 hours in gas lines, with many gas stations without supply, "sell what you have" in NJ is a way to go. For the whole Northeast, the refiners mix about 300thousands barrels per day pr 2.1mb perweek, or 86mil gallons. So with the shut-in in NJ, an extra 46mil gal in one week was probably burned off. With no extra in reserve, more this week is probably needed. In a few weeks, the shut-in invenory will be released. but untile then, we are using what we get immediately.
Posted by Eddy Lahens at 8:05PM CST 11/07/12
Ethanol Market Quiet on Weak Demand, Post-Election Jitters
Cash ethanol values moved mixed in quiet trade Wednesday while demand slumps after Hurricane Sandy and on after-election jitters.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:57PM CST 11/07/12 by Myke Feinman | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
Extra Revenue Streams Aid Ethanol
Additional revenue streams from ethanol co-products such as distillers grains, corn oil and CO2 have helped stabilize the industry and protect it from tight margins and this year's drought.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 12:40PM CST 11/07/12 by Cheryl Anderson | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
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