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Wednesday 08/15/12

Ethanol Fungus Could Be Used for Pig, Chicken Feed
Researchers at Iowa State University are studying a fungus grown in distillers grains that could be used for pig and chicken feed.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:18PM CDT 08/15/12 by Cheryl Anderson | Post a Comment
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If ethanol were made from rice the governor of ark would be very quiet.
Posted by paul allen at 9:01PM CDT 08/15/12
-Yesterday, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe (D) and North Carolina Governor Beverly Purdue (D) asked the Obama Administration to temporarily lift the annual requirement for ethanol (RFS), because the corn shortage and spiking corn prices are destroying livestock producers. Last week, the governors of Maryland and Delaware also sent letters to the EPA to waive the RFS mandate. This makes four Democrats in motion against the Administration, signifying the heat on Obama, who, nonetheless, remains impervious.         The governors are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to waive in part, or in whole, the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), under which, a volume of 13.2 billion gallons of ethanol from corn is to be made this year. Carrying through on this, "has imposed severe economic harm to my state's swine, poultry, dairy and cattle producing regions," said the Aug. 14 letter from Gov. Purdue to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.          As Obama toured Iowa yesterday, a campaign spokesperson, Jan Psaki, reiterated Obama's support for ethanol. "He absolutely believes in it; he thinks it's a driver of the economy here and a key component of renewable energy."         In fact, Obama doesn't need an appeal from governors, though there is provision for this in the vile Clean Air Act and subsequent 2005 and 2007 legislation. The EPA, in the case of evident economic harm in the nation, has discretion to waive the biofuels requirement. Livestock groups reiterated the exact specifics on this in their petition to the EPA and Agriculture and Energy Departments on July 30. The law states, ``the [EPA] Administrator on his own motion,'' in consultation with the Agriculture and Energy Departments, can exercise authority, and implement a waiver. (Clean Air Act Section 211(o)(7)(A).''
Posted by Fern Henley at 8:04AM CDT 08/16/12
U.S. Data Detailing Falling Supply Lifts Ethanol Prices
Cash ethanol prices boosted by federal data showing a second weekly stock draw.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:39AM CDT 08/15/12 by George Orwel | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
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