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Monday 12/30/13

Avoid Land Buyer's Remorse
Evidence seems to point that farmland is at a tipping point. So if you're in the market to acquire land now, how do you avoid buyer's remorse later?[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 7:59PM CST 12/30/13 by Marcia Zarley Taylor | Post a Comment
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I would like to know where all the EWG bloggers like Bill are. One of their biggest claims is that crop insurance drives up the prices of land, but now that crop prices are down and nothing with crop insurance has changed (no farm bill yet), why do you suppose the price of land is decreasing? Quite perplexing I must admit. . .
Posted by Aaron Cross at 12:02PM CST 12/31/13
So nothing with federal crop insurance has changed Aaron? Where can you still buy a crop insurance revenue product guaranteeing you $1000 per planted corn acre? You could at least make the effort to be a little bit informed and honest Aaron.
Posted by W Kuster at 6:30PM CST 12/31/13
How many decades have we had of politicians targeting the largest and wealthiest farmers in the country with cash and insurance benefits of the greatest value. These mindless government farm programs have been a major factor in depopulating rural America of smaller farmers. In order to level the playing field for all farm businesses, all farmers are equally deserving of government benefits of comparable value. It is time for politicians to stop harming smaller farmers by depriving them of the government benefits they award the wealthiest and most profitable farms. Stop taking money from the taxpayer and better yet give all farmers the same equal benefit of $0. Removing masses of smaller farmers from rural America and replacing them with just a few monster farm operations is not a step in food security for the nation. Politicians pontificate how government farm programs are all about food security for the nation, but choose to ignore those financially harmed by this mindless government targeting of the largest benefits to the wealthiest and most profitable.
Posted by W Kuster at 6:47PM CST 12/31/13
Crop insurance, W. is available to anyone who is willing to pay the premium. I think an obsession has possessed you.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 5:19AM CST 01/02/14
Bonnie clueless - The amount of federal crop insurance revenue guaranteed per acre and who would be able to purchase federal crop insurance would be two different topics.
Posted by W Kuster at 12:48PM CST 01/02/14
W, Considering we don't know what the price of corn will be in March when Farmers in my area sign up for crop insurance, and considering that there have been no changes to the crop insurance regulations as of yet, I stand by my original statement. It seems that you are the one whom is either not informed or honest W.
Posted by Aaron Cross at 12:57PM CST 01/02/14
Aaron - see http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2013/11/lower-crop-insurance-guarantees-2014.html
Posted by W Kuster at 7:50AM CST 01/03/14
If corn stays below 4.00 crop insurance will be a dead horse anyhow.And yes crop insurance has drove up the price of all inputs I hate to tell you Aaron.Poor farm managers can even survive if the goverment takes care of you.Look at health insurance why work when someone else is going to buy your policy.Crop insurance has made alot of poor farmers look like good ones.Its time for it to go!
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 1:41PM CST 01/03/14
In what way does crop insurance reward poor farmers. The better you produce the more you can insure. That seems like an incentive to be a better farmer. Crop insurance is a must for the farmer that borrows money. Which is every farmer that didn't have his farm handed to him. I will agree that overfunding mega farms has been detrimental to overall production and has put a pinch on small farms, but the answer to the problem is certainly not 0 government programs. Read "the grapes of wrath" if you think that will end well for the average farmer. A phaseout in the subsidy for crop insurance as your acres increase would benefit agriculture and the country far more.
Posted by tman at 7:16PM CST 01/18/14
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