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Monday 09/30/13

D-Day for Health Exchanges
Small business has more to gain than lose by buying insurance in bigger pools.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 5:56PM CDT 09/30/13 by Marcia Zarley Taylor | Post a Comment
Comments (14)
Thanks for the clear factual unbiased info Marcia. ☺
Posted by Vince Moye at 5:55AM CDT 10/01/13
Democrats in congress needed a special exemption from obamacare since they are so special. See http://www.nationalreview.com/article/358550/congresss-exemption-obamacare-john-fund
Posted by Jim Swanson at 7:52AM CDT 10/01/13
It is amazing that the people/organizations in this article that think this is such a great idea don't realize that there is no free lunch. How do you think it will be paid for? HIGHER TAXES AND/OR A REDUCTION IN QUALITY/QUANITY OF SERVICES, YOU DOLTS.
Posted by Brandon Butler at 3:23PM CDT 10/01/13
Obamacare Overcharging Fraud Like three peas in a pod. See http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/30/company-with-1-2-billion-obamacare-contract-under-investigation-for-serious-fraud/ And there are naive people who actually believe obama could lower health care costs.
Posted by Al Thomas at 7:07AM CDT 10/02/13
The democrats sure know how to choose the corrupt to manage our personal information. See http://spectator.org/blog/2013/10/01/obamas-acorn-pals-cashing-in-o
Posted by Alvin Obert at 7:16AM CDT 10/02/13
Before you do any more cheer leading for obamacare Marcia check this out - http://www.nationalreview.com/node/359861/print
Posted by Alvin Obert at 11:25AM CDT 10/02/13
I assume all the "anti" crowd does not have a preexisting condition. Good for you. All your links refer to organizations that have fought not only healthcare but all social programs from their inception. They will continue until all but their supporters are totally without. Nice crowd. See you in church.
Posted by Don Thompson at 11:37AM CDT 10/02/13
Try checking out those links again Don. The Teamsters and AFL-CIO certainly did not fight obamacare originally. The longer obamacare is in effect the fewer Americans will have full time jobs. Part time jobs do not pay the bills.
Posted by Alvin Obert at 1:11PM CDT 10/02/13
Sorry Marcia, I like reading. However the D-Day description is just not acceptable. It was the likes of my relatives and many, many others, who were actually there and some of us who just tried to understand what they went through that insured our freedom. If some of you had ever listened to our true Hero's opening up, not todays liberal and lax description of hero, the title of the article just would not be acceptable. The government welfare of healthcare is just not, in any way, comparable to what our Veterans went through. If some of these whiners ever had to pick up their buddies arm or leg on a beach and try to put it back on, they might have a valid reason to complain about health care.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 7:47PM CDT 10/02/13
When I write about these financial subjects, I keep real people in mind and try not to side with any party. One of my heros is a Red River Valley wheat farmer whose 16-year-old son died from a brain tumor in the mid-1980s. It was the worst of times for US farmers, but Melvin decided to pay all his hospital bills rather than declare bankruptcy. When a devastating wheat disease later hit the Valley, he was tapped out and had to sell out. He retired penniless after a lifetime of sweat and labor, leaving a widow with virtually nothing. I don't care which party created the law that puts erased the lifetime limit on health expenses, or is trying to make insurance more affordable. I'm just hoping small business owners with medical issues can retire with some dignity and something to show for their sacrifices.
Posted by Marcia Taylor at 9:52AM CDT 10/03/13
Marcia. I support health care reform for similar reasons. My neighbor was the sharpest hard working individual I knew. He and his wife's health issues produced an insurance premium of $35000 per year back in the 80's. They made it with some state help by getting the premium down to $21K. Not right in this country.
Posted by Don Thompson at 7:01AM CDT 10/04/13
To think an inept government spending trillions on health care will lower health care costs is absurd. Government cannot manage current spending judging by the trillions Obama has exploded the debt and deficits.
Posted by Alvin Obert at 1:00PM CDT 10/04/13
How unfortunate for the Red River Valley family. We can all relate to similar disasters at or very close to home. The health care issue is just not in any way comparable to what our and other family members lived and died for on D-Day. If you recall, some of the biggest issues causing problems in agriculture in the 70's and 80's were caused from government flubs. Recovering from the grain embargo, the missery index(inflation rate+interest rate) of Tip O'neals spendaholism. There were many farmers went under without medical disasters. All of the money in the world will not save the young man nor all of the family farms. It is unfortunate, but that is the way it is. One should look up the definition of "Hero".
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 7:58PM CDT 10/04/13
More obamacare news at http://spectator.org/archives/2013/10/14/obamacare-and-the-edsel-a-tale
Posted by George Hanson at 6:58AM CDT 10/14/13
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