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Tuesday 08/26/14

Land Costs Hamper US Competitiveness
Cheap land costs in Brazil and Ukraine negate some of the USA's natural advantages in corn and soybean production, a team of researchers from 40 countries concludes.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:26PM CDT 08/26/14 by Elizabeth Williams | Post a Comment
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I see no actual numbers here for direct production costs. How much more is our land cost vs the other countries? How much is the difference of our input costs from one region to the other. Even seed costs are different from one region to the next here in the USA since the suppler will usually charge what the market will bare. We really don't know much if we can't get our heads around the per acre margins in other countries.
Posted by Vince Moye at 6:42AM CDT 09/03/14
I am wondering if in this analysis we aren't overlooking the elephant in the room. The US is producing GMO based commodities while in Russia, and China, and much of Europe there is a strong resistance against them. This resistance appears to be well established in Europe and growing. Except for transportation costs, unless we stratify the GMO vs. non-GMO as different crops, production costs by country aren't reliable. This is because the GMO's win on yield per acre, but are serving different customer bases. We should be aware that there appears to be increasing resistance to sale of meat produced with GMO inputs .
Posted by Lloyd Willard at 7:56AM CDT 09/05/14
Crop production works best in a Democracy where there is relative stability as in we know what is going to happen when we budget for a crop. We don't get "blindsided" too often. Fortunately a "Jimmy Carter " doesn't happen too often. I have heard of $3.50 corn 2014 for two years . As the Man says, "Save some for the lean times".
Posted by james kuntz at 10:33AM CDT 09/05/14
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