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Marcia Zarley Taylor DTN Executive Editor

Thursday 08/02/12

Just Say "No" on Free Disaster Aid
Farmers who purchased federal crop insurance in 2012 are in no mood for Congress to offer aid to those who chose not to insure. A DTN customer poll compiled last week found 83% of more than 438 surveyed oppose extra monetary disaster aid to farmers who were eligible to buy insurance but did not.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:31PM CDT 08/02/12 by Marcia Zarley Taylor | Post a Comment
Comments (2)
I agree. That was the purpose of crop insurance. It was supposed to solve the political posturing and pork type amendments to disaster payments. This day and age, if you don't pay the premium, you should not have a claim. One might call it, personal responsibility.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 5:18AM CDT 08/03/12
Couldn't agree more. The only people who should be needing any disaster assistance are those with livestock, because there are very little ways to mitigate drought/weather/crop production risk.
Posted by Matthew Schreurs at 10:19AM CDT 08/03/12
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