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Marcia Zarley Taylor DTN Executive Editor

Friday 03/22/13

Growers Buy Up 2013 Insurance
Official reports aren't yet tallied, but farmers are likely to have insured higher levels of revenue coverage for 2013 crops when they enrolled in crop insurance March 15. More than half of the 439 farm subscribers surveyed by DTN in early March planned to buy the same level of revenue coverage as in 2013; another 29% intended to boost their insurance levels.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:51PM CDT 03/22/13 by Marcia Zarley Taylor | Post a Comment
Comments (1)
Marcia, I agree completly with those numbers. As a whole, our clients were already well insured and ALL of them kept their current or increased their coverage. 80% Enterprised RP with Trend Adjustment is by far the most popular product chosen.
Posted by Jarrod Bennett at 7:04AM CDT 03/29/13
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