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Thursday 03/06/14

Something's Gotta Give on 2014 Expenses
If high cash rents and bloated overhead expenses of the past five years are any indicator of the future, high-cost corn producers could be awash in red ink in 2014. University of Illinois economists expect season prices to average about $4 per bushel in 2014-15, down about 50 cents per bushel from last season's crop, so they are bracing for back-to-back hits on grain producer income.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 2:03PM CST 03/06/14 by Marcia Zarley Taylor | Post a Comment
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Being that most of us farmers as well as other people of integrity can agree that the recent explosion in crop production costs has been exacerbated and driven by the insane and extreme government investment/profit guarantees offered farmers perhaps you Marcia can request these university economists push the numbers and tell us just how much more we farmers have to pay for land, machinery, and other crop input costs because of these multibillion dollar government spending schemes. After all these university personnel are public employees and the least they can do is provide us with some estimates of how we are financially harmed by this big government largess.
Posted by T Kuster at 7:58PM CST 03/06/14
Bravo T Kuster!
Posted by Unknown at 8:47PM CST 03/06/14
I hope no one listened to Agrisolutions and sold ahead. Prices are higher now than anytime last year.The guys who lost upward of 400.00 an acre in 2009 should no longer be farming,and would not be if goverment didn't save them every season.They are not vulnerable as long as they have that guarantee.Crop insurance eliminates any free trade,as long as end users are guaranteed so many acres are PLANTED EVERY YEAR.We have to plant with demand, not because the goverment wants to guarantee so many acres each year.The guys that are farming every year on the goverments shirttails are an end users dream.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 7:40AM CST 03/07/14
Go back to browsing the EWG website where these types of anti-rural America fallacies are acceptable. Or maybe you could try staying on topic with the blog.
Posted by Tim Haugen at 9:34AM CST 03/07/14
I know what catagory your in Tim.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 10:27AM CST 03/07/14
There are legions of smaller farmers Tim that are opposed to the mindless government insurance schemes that have decimated rural America by government continually targeting larger farmers with the largest investment and income guaranteeing schemes.
Posted by T Kuster at 7:03AM CST 03/08/14
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