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Friday 12/27/13

"Till Your Well Runs Dry"
The worsening water situation in Kansas hit home, literally, this past week as we returned to the farm for the holidays.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:58AM CST 12/27/13 by Darin Newsom | Post a Comment
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I was recently reviewing some of the lofty projections from fracking shale in Texas. The question it left me with is "where are they going to get the water?" Fracking takes a huge amount of water, and a tremendous toll on the infrastructure such as roads to bring it to the well pad, much less the water delivery stations. I see a real "water fight" coming in Texas as cities, farmers, and homeowners fight to protect "their" water from the oil companies!
Posted by LeeFarms at 7:13AM CST 12/28/13
Hi Darin; I know this comment has nothing to do with the issue @ hand. I received a phone call from the U.S.D.A. yesterday & they wanted me to do a production report. I live in west central Wis. We had another flash drought, that's what the experts are saying. Anyway we had another bad year, I had 35bu corn & 10bu beans for a average. The lady at the USDA put the numbers in her computer & her computer kicked the numbers back out saying the numbers are to low & her computer needed higher numbers. I wouldn't give her different numbers & she said good bye. So if that doesn't say the USDA is playing with numbers I don't what else does. I caught them red handed!!! Would you be able to check into that for me. Thanks Keith
Posted by KEITH PEARSON at 6:01PM CST 12/28/13
Southern plains agriculture's future is bright in terms of sustainability. It is poor for living a high roller lifestyle. Featuring record yields using irrigation in the southern third of the Ogallala is cool to read, but ultimately irresponsible in terms of how to make a long term viable businesses and communities. Using irrigation to fill some short rainfall periods is probable justifiable, but long term pushing for 300 bu/ac corn on the southern plains is ultimately deficit spending viewing the Ogallala as our bank account. The future is bright on the southern plains because dryland or limited irrigated wheat, cotton, and sorghums can work. No till or minimum till will be a desert farms salvation. Ruminants are the kings of the prairie and will play a significant role in the region going forward. People need to wake up and not force their grand children back to cisterns. We need to stay the land of windmills.
Posted by Chris Grotegut at 9:21AM CST 12/29/13
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