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Wednesday 11/27/13

Corn Spreads Moving Sideways
Corn spreads are trending sideways, for now. What does that tell us about the real fundamentals of the market?[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:38AM CST 11/27/13 by Darin Newsom | Post a Comment
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Darin if this is because farmers won�t sell at these prices. How bearish is that to price in the future? After all there is a lot of on farm storage now. But how many are willing to store in to next fall�s harvest? I doubt there will be much corn left in farmers hands come September 1. So it looks like we are between a rock and a hard place. It is hard but I have been trying to divorce my marketing from what I want to happen. So if the old trader�s statement is right �The market turns when the last Bull gives up and sells� how bad do you think this will get? Thanks for all the lessons you give, your grateful student Kevin
Posted by Unknown at 6:26PM CST 11/27/13
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