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Saturday 08/24/13

Weekly Nov Beans Anything But Weak
As most of you know, I use three different timeframes to study trend: daily (short-term), weekly (intermediate-term), and monthly (long-term). Recently, I've discussed the daily chart for November soybeans before jumping to major (long-term) bullish signals emerging on the monthly chart. This morning let's go back and take a look at what the weekly chart is showing.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 4:43AM CDT 08/24/13 by Darin Newsom | Post a Comment
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Update: The bullish price gap from last week mentioned in the blog can be viewed as a breakaway gap. The open of this past Sunday's (August 25) overnight session saw the November soybean contract post another bullish price gap between last week's high of $13.31 1/2 and $13.48. This would be considered a continuation gap.
Posted by DARIN NEWSOM at 7:40AM CDT 08/26/13
Good blog, Darin. Don't forget gap @ 1563 on soybean continuation chart.
Posted by McFly at 1:19PM CDT 08/26/13
Dear Darin: I wrote from Argentina. Very interesting your comment. Could be possible to resend me the graphic you have insert in your comment? That´s because is not enough clear. Thanks in advance Luis A.Porzio
Posted by LUIS PORZIO at 1:59PM CDT 08/26/13
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