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Monday 11/18/13

Corn & Soymeal Usage for Animal Feed
This piece shows the amount of corn fed in bushels per grain consuming animal units vs. the amount of soybean meal fed per high protein animal units.[Read Full Blog Post]
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USDA's numbers may not be that far off. Just think what might happen to cattle on feed. There is a very tight supply of feeders and the fats finally have a chance to make some coin. The slaughter weight of cattle will likely go up. USDA shows beef production (as in the red meat) down 5.4% this marketing from last. But grain consuming animal unit (GCAU) allocated to cattle on feed is down 8.6% (as per head). So either fats have to increase market weight and/or other sources need to contribute to domestic beef production. Dairy seems stable as large as a government program gets pasted. The beef herd in rebuilding. So an increase in slaughter is less likely here. Most of the increase in beef production is likely to come from cattle on feed. When one looks at the increased feed usage needed to add this additional weight to the cattle on feed, it becomes apparent that USDA's corn number may not be all that bad. The same agreement could be applied to the pork market. One might expect increased carcass weight here as well. This would also increase feed usage. Freeport, IL FYI (It does not appear USDA uses brewer's or distiller's grain in their feed consumption model. A footnote indicated those products were not included because of unavailable production numbers.)
Posted by Freeport IL at 9:29PM CST 11/18/13
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