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Friday 08/30/13

Iowa August Rainfall, Soybean Yield Changes
This chart looks at the change in Iowa's soybean yield from the September to the final report issued in January in bushels per acre vs. the percent of normal Iowa rainfall in August with the 1970-2012 average being 4.24 inches.[Read Full Blog Post]
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In the past three weeks my eastern Iowa soybean yield estimate has declined from upper 50s to upper 30s based on experience with similar dry and hot August weather. While I normally believe that farmers exagerate yield loss, the wake-up call this year will be for those slow to realize the importance of good weather late in the growing season for soybeans!
Posted by Curt Zingula at 8:08AM CDT 09/02/13
A lot of change this last week in corn crops. I was out of the state and the drive home from DM revealed a lot of spots in fields where the corn is brown from top to bottom. Only a couple light rains since mid June are taking a toll on soybean fill. Beans are short around here. Some earlier planted corn looks pretty good from the road but there were some concerns this spring with stand count as wet cool soils caused some emergence issues. Field to field will be a case of hit and miss on yields. Forecast calls for some heat coming back into the picture towards the later part of the week with no rain.
Posted by Greg Schipull at 8:38AM CDT 09/02/13
it don't matter if it dried out hailed out or for that fact not planted its a record crop boys. if the farmers would have had a bunch forward contracted then the news would be different we would have 18 dollar beans by now
Posted by Unknown at 9:30PM CDT 09/08/13
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