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Monday 07/07/14

End of June Corn Crop Ratings for Top States
This piece looks at each of the top 18 states corn conditions as of June 29 for this year, the 1986-2013 average, the best June 29 rating from 1986 to 2014, and the 2014 rating as a % of the 1986-2013 average.[Read Full Blog Post]
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OK, enough with the big corn and soybean crops. We get it. Our only hope for decent commodity prices is a disaster. How low will the USDA push these prices? That's the real question right now.
Posted by DAVID/KEVIN GRUENHAGEN at 9:19PM CDT 07/08/14
Storage looks to be the short term salvation for the expected big corn crop. Larger term price support could come with South American acreage projections toward the end of our harvest this fall. These "low" prices do not provide incentive for acreage expansion. Brazil looks to be expanding domestic consumption at the expense of their exports. (Other countries will look to do the same. May will look to take advantage of "high" livestock prices and "cheap" feed. The demand for course grains for feed will be moving higher. This should provide increased demand for US corn.) China has the potential to maintain imports levels of past years. Argentina's economic position may hold corn production at current levels - at best. These things provide an opportunity for US corn exports to move to record levels especially if wheat hold a superior price position to corn. By spring of next year, prices might move higher with the expectation of this new level of demand in 2015-16.
Posted by Freeport IL at 2:15PM CDT 07/09/14
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