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Monday 02/17/14

Change in USDA Yield Forecasts
This piece shows that the average change for corn, soybeans and wheat from the baseline assumptions to the Ag Outlook figure.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Comments (3)
When is the last time yield has been better than early USDAforcasts
Posted by STEVEN SWANHORST at 8:48AM CST 02/18/14
USDA-The United States Dictatorship of Agriculture. How does a FREE market in this country operate fairly for the farmer if this corrupt government agency controls every function of this market with their "reports" ?
Posted by DAVID/KEVIN GRUENHAGEN at 5:52PM CST 02/19/14
Actual US corn yield the past 10 years is 150.9 bushels per acre. If you take out the high in 2009 and the low in 2012, that number bumps up to 152.6 Bu/A.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 9:30AM CST 02/20/14
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