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Tuesday 12/24/13

DECKED the Halls

Come Christmas, I'm always happy when there are tools under the tree -- or better, tools too big to be under the tree. Storage is second on my list.

A new system from an Idaho company named DECKED converts a truck bed into a storage system. (Photo Courtesy of DECKED)

Weird maybe, but yes, really. I've accumulated more bags, buckets and boxes than I should probably admit to having. Some go in the truck, one fits nicely into the horse trailer, some I drag around by hand, one doubles nicely as a cooler and seat. Then there is the homemade stuff, including my self-designed power tools garage.

No surprise then, that the DECKED truck storage system caught my eye. DECKED is a new Idaho-based company that opened its doors earlier this month after three years in the making. It is a manufacturer of a pickup bed storage system for 5 1/2 foot- and 6 1/2 foot-bed trucks manufactured from the mid-to-late 1990s forward to today. The DECKED system is precision fit, the company said, to fit the sidewall outlines of most full-size trucks, including Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan.

This storage system essentially raises the deck of your truck bed to create storage space underneath. The surface of the deck is 100% recycled high-density polyethylene co-molded to a steel sub-frame. It is designed to hold 2,000 pounds. The deck can be fitted with tie-down systems (sold as accessories) that are also compatible with other racking systems. The entire unit weighs about 200 pounds.

Under the deck are two roll out, waterproof, bed-length storage drawers. Each can hold 200 pounds of tools, supplies, parts, and the like. They are lockable and can be fitted with a drain plug, should one drawer or both be used for, oh, say ice and beverages. The inside drawer dimensions are 61.4" or 72.1" long (depending on the bed size), 18.1" wide and 8.4" tall. Trays and dividers are available as accessories.

By way of the video found at the company's website, the system appears easy to install. The DECKED system is mounted to the truck bed by way of the existing corner tie downs. No drilling or bed modifications are required. It can be removed in about 30 minutes. With a bit of practice, it could probably be installed in the same amount of time. The DECKED kit is delivered to the farm or ranch in a shipment of about 20 pieces.

There are four unique storage areas -- ammo cans, DECKED calls them -- that fit into the corners of your truck. The cans do triple duty. They support the deck. They provide additional storage capacity -- ammo, if you like, or again, ice. When open, the cans allow access to the bed's corner tie-downs. The ammo can lids flip open to reveal (surprise!) drink holders that can also be used to hold small parts.

The kits range in price from $975 for the short bed system to $995 for the standard bed system. Shipping is a flat rate of $75 to anywhere in the continental United States. For additional information on DECKED and the new storage units please go to:

DECKED is now taking pre-orders. Shipping is set to begin Jan. 10, 2014.

Posted at 8:23AM CST 12/24/13 by Dan Miller
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