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Wednesday 04/16/14

Looking Into The Past For The Future of Farm Machinery
The predictions of robotic tractors our reporter heard about in his youth are coming to pass.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:55AM CDT 04/16/14 by Russ Quinn | Post a Comment
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Russ, in my area of west central Minnesota, there continues to be a John Deere day, but with the consolidation of dealers, my local store 16 miles away is part of at least a 9-location ownership arrangement. Thus, the John Deere day is located in a town 42 miles away, to be more centrally located for the 9 locations. Thus, I don't get there every year. It is held in a hockey area, and there are lots of machines available to climb into in weather-controlled comfort. One room of that arena is designated for the JD movie, which runs several times over the two or three day exhibit. Of course, free noon lunch is part of the attraction.
Posted by Unknown at 6:11PM CDT 04/16/14
I kind of wondered if maybe some of these multiple location machinery dealerships have a combined John Deere Day at one location in the middle of their territories. Considering the company who now owns our old dealership has 15 locations spread across two states (NE & KS), the mid-point could be many miles to the south and west of where we call home. I don't really know if they have a one location John Deere Day, I suppose I should find out. Thanks for the comments, Unknown!
Posted by Russ Quinn at 2:31PM CDT 04/17/14
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