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Wednesday 01/15/14

F-150 Gets Lighter
An aluminum pickup truck? That's the question behind a big gamble Ford has made with its new F-150. There are several reasons to think it will succeed.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:41PM CST 01/15/14 by Jim Patrico | Post a Comment
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Are many rail cars and semi-trailers not manufactured from aluminum alloys?
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 5:36AM CST 01/17/14
As a semi owner I have had reliability issues with both aluminum frames and bodies when put into situations where twisting forces are present (farm use). I foresee serious longevity issues with aluminum body parts. Especially farm, industrial or commercial uses. Mike
Posted by Mike Baker at 9:59AM CST 01/18/14
Does this that the new Ford pickups will not rust?!!
Posted by JEFF HANSON at 8:49AM CST 01/20/14
Does this mean that the new Ford pickups will not rust?!!
Posted by JEFF HANSON at 8:53AM CST 01/20/14
Aluminum does not rust but it does corode. I'm sure Ford has figured out how to build a quality product. Just look at Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks for example, they have been utilizing aluminum in their cabs for many many years with very few problems. Those of you who don't believe in aluminum bodies, I'm betting you are diehard GM or Ram fans. Ford is not going to release a new F150 unless they truely believe it will hold up to their already high standards. Lets face it, they simply could not afford for the f150 to flop. I will bet big bucks that says it will be a huge hit.
Posted by RJZ Peterson at 1:01PM CST 01/21/14
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