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Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
5/6 07:25AM
Changing USDA Grain Protocols
Senators, Grain Groups Complain About Handling of Labor Dispute
5/6 07:13AM
DTN Morning Cotton Commentary
Cotton Can't Rally on Lower Dollar
5/6 06:46AM
Woodbury: Farm Family Business
Invest in Your Legacy
5/6 06:46AM
Woodbury: Farm Family Business
Invest in Your Legacy
5/6 06:39AM
Woodbury: Farm Family Business
Invest in Your Legacy
5/6 06:31AM
DTN Ag Weather Brief
5/6 06:12AM
Washington Insider--Wednesday
Michael Pollan and Natural Food Labels
5/6 06:06AM
DTN Early Word Opening Livestock
Cattle Pits Staged for Firm Midweek Opening
5/6 06:01AM
What DTN Is Watching
5/6 05:58AM
DTN Early Word Grains
Green Screen for Grains Early Wednesday
5/6 05:52AM
Rain in Midwest, Prairies Wednesday
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U.S. River Levels Improving

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Dec Cotton's Price Resistance

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USDA Soybean Yield Est. vs Planting

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Ag Groups Take on Bankers Over Farm Credit System

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Cash Rents a Culprit in Credit Defaults?

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Is Taking GMOs Off the Menu "Pandering?"

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Happier Than a Farmer in the Cab

Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] May-15 364'0 2'6 364'0 361'6
Dec-15 380'6 1'6 380'6 379'0
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] May-15 992'4 -1'0 996'2 992'4
Nov-15 955'6 1'2 959'0 953'4
ELEC. WHEAT[10] May-15 467'2 3'2 467'4 465'2
Dec-15 494'2 3'0 495'0 492'6
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] May-15 486'2s -7'4 490'4 485'2
Dec-15 522'2 2'6 523'6 521'0
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] May-15 513'2s -2'6 513'4 513'2
Dec-15 554'0 4'2 554'4 553'6
LIVE CATTLE[10] Jun-15 151.450s 0.725 151.825 150.100
Aug-15 149.900s 0.775 149.950 148.400
FEEDER CATTLE[10] May-15 215.375s 0.225 --- ---
Aug-15 218.250s 0.925 218.525 217.000
MILK CLASS III[10] May-15 16.31s -0.07 --- ---
Jul-15 16.82s -0.12 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] May-15 --- --- --- ---
Jul-15 66.08 -0.67 66.68 65.95
Wed, May 6, 2015 8:28 AM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
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Length:  00:03:09
Filmed:  05/05/2015
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:33
Filmed:  05/05/2015
Market Weather Outlook
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Filmed:  05/05/2015
Reporter's Notebook
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Filmed:  05/01/2015
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DTN Before The Bell Grain Comments U.S. Dollar Index Falls, Grains Mostly Higher 22 minutes ago
July corn was 1 1/2 cents higher, July soybeans were 1 cent lower, and July
Rain in Midwest, Prairies Wednesday 5/6 5:52AM
Areas of Plains, Prairies and Midwest to see light rain today, which will be good for soil moisture. Drier conditions elsewhere will all planting progress.
Crop Tech Corner Speeding Up SCN Tests, Playing with Pollination 4/20 9:19AM
In this week's Crop Tech Corner, a new, faster method of testing soybean cyst nematode samples is under construction, researchers find a gene that could turn more plants into self-pollinators, and scientists produce a map of wheat's many genetic variations.
Coming Soon: Cutworms Black Cutworms Can Overcome Traits
EU OKs High-Oleic Traits High-Oleic Beans Near Commercialization
Crop Tech Corner Scientists Find a "Natural" GMO, New Bt Protein Proves Safe
Cattle Industry Reboot Strong Beef Market Will Hold for Cow-Calf Producers 5/4 1:11PM
Nebraska's Jay Wolf has backed off on buying expensive feeder cattle recently but said he's very optimistic about the cow/calf side of his business.
Feeder Perspective The Friends You Know
Credit Begins to Crack Early Financial Defaults Hit Farm Country
Ask the Vet Low Body Condition Normal or a Medical Issue?
Land Management
Drought Recovery Flexibility is the Only Rule 4/27 2:42PM
March auctions show cash rent shocks could mount in 2016.
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Answers to Readers' Questions About Land Ownership Issues
Mandatory or Voluntary Runoff Rules? Panel: Nutrient Runoff Reduction Strategies Differ
Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl How Can I Persuade Landowners to Sell on Contract?
Farm Business
Credit Begins to Crack Early Financial Defaults Hit Farm Country 5/4 10:04AM
Bank regulators don't see many troubled loans yet, but machinery dealers, financial consultants and bankruptcy attorneys report farm failures are beginning.
Plugging Leaks in Prevented Planting More Reforms for Crop Insurance?
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
UAVs Taking Flight in Ag Among Uses is Potential to Boost Efficiency for Crop Insurance Claims
Wolverine Heads for the Mountains Yamaha Built for Rough Trails, Steep Slopes 5/4 12:32PM
The newest side-by-side from Yamaha is built for rough trails and steep slopes.
UAVs Taking Flight in Ag Among Uses is Potential to Boost Efficiency for Crop Insurance Claims
Deere: You Own Your Tractor Article on Intellectual Property Debate Raises Stir Over New Tractor Technology
Grain Entrapments Up in 2014 New Tools Help Save Lives
Ag Policy
Push to Keep Funding H5N2 Response Congressmen Call on White House to Ensure Funds Available 4/29 4:17PM
Lawmakers are worried because USDA has already received $60 million in claims to pay poultry growers for their losses out of a fund set aside of $84 million. Lawmakers want USDA to be prepared to take whatever other steps are necessary to curb the spread of the H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza.
USDA Funding for Conservation Regional Conservation Partnership Program Open for 2016 Funding
WOTUS Proposal Coming Lawmakers Continue Pushing Back Against EPA's Proposed Water Rule
Congress Prods Canada on Trade Lawmakers Want to See More Open Borders With Canada on Ag Trade
Farm Life
Woodbury: Farm Family Business Why Can't We Discuss the Future? 5/4 12:17PM
Avoidance of difficult discussions lets family business issues fester.
Seed Money for Rural America Wall Street to Fund Rural Start-Ups
Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl How Do I Exit Ag Without a Huge Tax Bill?
Profit Makeover Novel Endophyte Fescue Boosts Gains, Cuts Grazing Time
Featured Column
Todd's Take Weather Speaks 5/5 10:00AM
You cannot out-argue the bearish effects of good weather.
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Ask the Vet Low Body Condition Normal or a Medical Issue? 5/4 1:25PM
Cows that aren't as robust as others in the herd could just be that way due to their genetics.