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Corn Basis Steady; Soy Basis Weakens
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Weekly Analysis: Grain Markets
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Ethanol Futures Post Late-Week Rally
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Harvest Revenue Insurance Prices
Daily Average of December Corn, November Soybeans
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Block, Barrel Cheese Continue to Move Apart
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Livestock Futures Close Week Mixed
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Dealing with Diplodia
Ear Rots Could Complicate Harvest
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Cotton Closes Mixed As December Loses Ground
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Details On Brazil Dryness Issues
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EPA Questions Neonics
No Benefit Seen for Soybeans
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Weekly Analysis: Grain Markets

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Editors' Notebook

It's. About. Dang. Time.

Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] Dec-14 345'4 -2'4 346'6 345'2
Dec-15 392'4 -1'2 392'6 391'0
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] Nov-14 943'2 -8'4 950'6 942'4
Nov-15 959'4 -8'0 966'4 959'4
ELEC. WHEAT[10] Dec-14 512'2 -3'6 515'6 511'6
Dec-15 --- --- --- ---
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] Dec-14 601'2 -0'4 602'4 600'0
Dec-15 614'2s -4'2 625'0 616'0
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] Dec-14 568'4 -2'0 570'4 568'4
Dec-15 614'2s -10'4 627'0 614'0
LIVE CATTLE[10] Oct-14 165.050s -0.200 165.100 164.100
Dec-14 165.050s -0.250 165.200 164.200
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Oct-14 238.450s -1.750 238.450 238.450
Nov-14 234.150s -3.000 235.800 234.150
MILK CLASS III[10] Oct-14 23.96s -0.17 --- ---
Dec-14 19.42s -0.06 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] Dec-14 62.85 -0.15 63.40 62.79
Mar-15 61.85 0.12 62.12 61.70
Mon, Oct 20, 2014 3:19 AM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:23
Filmed:  10/17/2014
Reporter's Notebook
Length:  00:02:03
Filmed:  10/17/2014
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:26
Filmed:  10/17/2014
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:02:52
Filmed:  10/17/2014
2014 Ag Summit
Length:  00:03:07
Filmed:  09/05/2014
Route 66 - 5
Length:  00:02:04
Filmed:  08/20/2014
Route 66 - 4
Length:  00:01:38
Filmed:  07/02/2014
Route 66 - 3
Length:  00:01:08
Filmed:  07/02/2014
Route 66 - 2
Length:  00:00:57
Filmed:  06/30/2014
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DTN Closing Grain Comments Grains End Lower Friday, Higher on the Week 10/17 1:52PM
December corn and November soybeans closed lower Friday, pressured by favorable harvest weather across the Corn Belt and more expected next week. December Chicago wheat finished a little lower on the day, but higher for the third consecutive week, a nice correction back from extremely cheap prices at the end of September.
Dry Saturday, Below Normal Temps 10/17 2:10PM
Saturday to continue mainly dry. Temperatures will trend lower than normal, slowing drying progress.
Dealing with Diplodia Ear Rots Could Complicate Harvest 10/17 3:23PM
After the latest spate of wet, cool weather in parts of the Midwest, plant pathologists are urging growers to scout and be prepared to manage ear rots like Diplodia during harvest and in storage.
Going Non-GE Tight Margins Force Some Farmers to Reconsider Biotech Seed
Bagging a Big Crop Some Turn to Grain Bags In Face of Record Crops
Crop Tech Corner Armyworms Deploy Chemical Weapons; Plant-Based Fuels Get a Boost
Market Launch New Program Promises Extra $50 Per Head 10/13 2:07PM
These days anything with four legs and a rumen is already bringing a historically high price. So why go through the hassle and expense of signing up for another certification program? To top that record price off with another $50 per head.
Consumer Cuts Quick Prep Key for New Beef Products
The Market's Fine Print The Fall Run of Dodos
Ask The Vet Rabies Vaccinations Matter
Land Management
Soil Health Values Explained Despite Obvious Conservation Benefits, Farmers Need Economic Incentives 9/29 2:22PM
Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas stressed his belief in the value of soil health at a hearing Thursday with supporters of improving the soil through no-till farming and cover crops.
Farm Investors Welcome Stock Markets Open Door to Land Pools
What's a Soybean Worth? Industry Considering Composition-Based Pricing System
Nutrient Reductions Seen Slow Mississippi River Basin Lags Behind in Reducing Nutrient Runoff
Farm Business
Farm Bill Contingency Plans Closer Call on ARC-PLC Tradeoffs 10/16 6:42AM
Unexpectedly low harvest prices narrow the gap between farm program options for 2014 and beyond.
Insure Your Revenue Guarantee Play Crop Insurance Defense
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Insurance in Shambles High Risk and "Crazy High" Premiums for Texas
Chrysler: What's New for 2015 High Centered, Red Faced and Bug Bitten 9/22 11:00AM
Here's something you don't want to do at a media event for seasoned automotive journalists from all over the world: high center a dually pickup truck during a test drive ... on an off-road trail where you are not supposed to take that kind of vehicle.
Cattle Chutes on Display at Farm Show Cattle Chutes on Display at Husker Harvest Days
Vintage Harvest Equipment
It's a Small World North American Ag Equipment Shortliners Finding Niches in Global Marketplace
Ag Policy
Global Ag Production Slipping Gap Continues in Meeting Future Food Demands Around World 10/15 1:32PM
A consortium made up of some of the world's largest agribusinesses and conservation groups released its fifth-annual Global Agricultural Productivity report on Wednesday at the World Food Prize Symposium. The report sounds alarms over trends in production globally compared to population trends through 2050.
Low Prices Will Hit Charities Farmer Sees Donations Affected by Commodity Prices
ARC-PLC Details Clearing Up USDA Readies Commodity Programs as Decision Tools Released
Ebola Hits West Africa Hard Virus Not Only Causes Panic, But Guts Food Production in Liberia, Sierra Leone
Farm Life
A Valuable Transition Tool Family Limited Partnerships Help Transfer Assets, May Reduce Estate Taxes 10/13 3:07PM
Family limited partnerships help transfer assets and may reduce estate taxes.
Taxlink by Andy Biebl The New Health Premium Tax Credit
Woodbury: Farm Family Business The Perfect Invitation
View From the Cab Rain Delays Harvest in Western Iowa, Florida Panhandle
Featured Column
Newsom on the Market The Ripple Effects of Oversupply 10/17 6:36AM
The goings-on in the crude oil market could have a lasting effect on commodity market analysis, including that for grains.
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Ask the Vet Rabies Vaccinations Matter 10/13 2:30PM
Can cattle get rabies?