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Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
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West, Texas, Rebuilds
Criminal Investigation Remains Active in West, Texas
4/17 06:34AM
Strategie Lowers Grains Forecast
Strategie Grains Lowers View Slightly on 2014-15 Wheat, Corn Harvest
4/17 06:17AM
Washington Insider -- Thursday
CBO Updates Its Updates
4/17 06:13AM
DTN Early Word Opening Livestock
Meat Contracts Geared to Open Moderately Lower
4/17 06:06AM
DTN Ag Weather Brief
4/17 06:00AM
What DTN Is Watching
4/17 05:59AM
DTN Early Word Grains
Soybeans Power Higher, Await Export Numbers
4/17 05:54AM
Snow North, Rain Southern Plains Thurs.
4/16 05:52PM
DTN Daily Basis Comments
Soybean, Corn Basis Higher; HRS, HRW Basis Unchanged
4/16 04:39PM
DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Ethanol Prices Continue to Weaken
4/16 04:26PM
DTN Closing Dairy Comments
Traders Wary of Cheese Price Strength
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Regulators Are People, Too

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Ag Markets: Weekly Analysis

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Oct-Mar Rainfall for Key HRW States

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Senators Concerned Plan to Reduce Methane Emissions Will Hurt Ag

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The Great ARC or PLC Debate

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Another Slow Start To Spring

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Ethanol Market Free Fall Continues

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Brazilian Agriculture To Outpace Wider Economy In 2014

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A Modest Proposal for a Genetically-Engineered Label Compromise

Machinery Chatter

Looking Into The Past For The Future of Farm Machinery

Editors' Notebook

Rail Lags; Farmers Hold Grain; River, Great Lakes Still Waiting for Ice to Thaw

Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] May-14 498'2 0'6 501'2 497'4
Dec-14 499'2 0'2 501'4 498'6
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] May-14 1524'4 5'6 1531'6 1517'6
Nov-14 1242'0 4'6 1244'4 1234'4
ELEC. WHEAT[10] May-14 692'6 4'6 698'0 686'4
Dec-14 720'2 3'4 726'0 715'0
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] May-14 759'6 5'2 762'6 752'2
Dec-14 781'4 3'6 784'4 775'4
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] May-14 732'0 5'4 733'0 725'0
Dec-14 758'2 6'2 759'4 751'2
LIVE CATTLE[10] Apr-14 145.750s 0.475 145.800 145.050
Jun-14 135.625s 0.200 135.900 135.300
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Apr-14 179.250s 0.025 179.250 179.100
May-14 179.900s 0.125 179.900 179.900
MILK CLASS III[10] Apr-14 24.12s 0.01 --- ---
Jun-14 20.38s 0.10 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] May-14 90.86 -0.18 91.32 90.62
Jul-14 92.41 -0.16 92.89 92.14
Thu, Apr 17, 2014 7:39 AM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:03
Filmed:  04/16/2014
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:23
Filmed:  04/16/2014
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:02:51
Filmed:  04/16/2014
Reporter's Notebook
Length:  00:03:28
Filmed:  04/11/2014
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DTN Early Word Grains Soybeans Power Higher, Await Export Numbers 4/17 5:59AM
Corn futures are higher at 6 a.m. CST; soybeans higher; wheat higher.
Snow North, Rain Southern Plains Thurs. 4/17 5:54AM
Snow Thursday for the northern Great Lakes and light rain in the Southern Plains. The remainder of U.S. and Canadian crop areas will be dry.
Dr. Dan Talks Agronomy Adjust Those Adjuvants 3/28 11:48AM
With weed control becoming a bigger issue, it is important to pay attention to the adjuvants you are using.
Scout Wheat Now Cutworms Add to Winter Wheat Woes
Rootworm Realities Can Remedies for Rootworm Resistance Make it to the Field?
Corn-on-Corn Penalty Study Explains Yield Losses
Market Mover Cattleman Roping In the Profits on Sport Cattle 4/14 10:35AM
It only takes a minute of talking with W.R. Baker to get crystal clear on the qualities he values in a cow herd. It's not the sort of thing you'd hear from the average cattleman.
Full-Circle Farming More Markets, More Buyers, More Profits
The Market's Fine Print What J.P. Morgan Learned From the Shoeshine Boy
Ask the Vet Grass Tetany Risks
Land Management
Rethink Planter Speeds Time Crunch at Planting Pushes Need for Getting Work Done Faster 3/24 9:08AM
Long-held rules about ideal planting speeds are being challenged.
A Savanna Reborn Iowa Couple Restores Native Trees, Shrubs to Once Clear-Cut Land
Drought Perspectives Soil Moisture Concerns Persist in Plains
Clean Water Rule Announced EPA Proposal Would Exempt Conservation
Farm Business
Senior Partners - 2 Share Your Good Fortune 4/4 10:44AM
Donor-advised funds promote charitable giving while teaching family values. They work especially well as a tax tool for those with fluctuating farm incomes.
I-9 Audits Under Fire Recent Report on Worksite Inspections Worries Ag Players
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Farm Bill Forecasting The Great ARC or PLC Debate
Side-by-Sides and Cool Helmets 4/14 1:35PM
Side-by-side manufactures continue to roll out new machines and machine updates. Here are two more.
Honda Pioneer 700: Arizona Test Ride Honda Pioneer 700: The Arizona Test Ride
Farmer Want to See New Planter Tech DTN Poll: Farmers Want to See New Planter Technology at Work
Two for One Planter Places Two Hybrids in Field
Ag Policy
Taking Caution on Precaution Technology Advocates Cite Challenges They Face Under Precautionary Principle 4/2 10:58AM
The National Institute for Animal Agriculture is holding its annual meeting this week in downtown Omaha with speeches and panel discussions centered on use of the precautionary principle in the U.S. and the lack of innovation already caused by the regulatory philosophy, particularly in Europe.
I-9 Audits Under Fire Recent Report on Worksite Inspections Worries Ag Players
Biofuel Backers: Protect RFS NASCAR's Richard Childress Among Those Championing Higher Ethanol Blends
West Blast Victims Remembered Texas Fertilizer Plant Disaster Changes Little Nationally for AN Storage
Farm Life
Woodbury: Family Business Matters No Heirs. No Desire. Now What? 4/14 10:03AM
Here are three strategies to consider if you lack willing and able successors.
Farm Bill Forecasting The Great ARC or PLC Debate
I-9 Audits Under Fire Recent Report on Worksite Inspections Worries Ag Players
View From the Cab Iowa, Florida Farmers Busy Applying Nitrogen to Fields
Featured Column
Kub's Den The Reality Of Brazilian Reals 4/16 10:22AM
Buying and selling grain or equipment is a balancing act of trading currencies to get the best deal that buyers and sellers can get.
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Ask the Vet Grass Tetany Risks 4/14 1:56PM
Is grass tetany risk greater in spring?