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DTN Midday Grain Comments
All Grains Lower at Midday
23 minutes ago
Western Canada to Stay Dry
Hit-and-Miss Showers for Western Canada
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Cash Markets Adjust to Sharp Futures Rally
7/1 10:40AM
The Good, The Bad, The Drowned
Readers Update Local Crop Conditions
7/1 10:32AM
DTN Opening Dairy Comments
Weaker Milk Futures Expected
7/1 10:09AM
Stocks and Acres
What's All the Soybean Excitement About?
7/1 09:45AM
DTN's Grain Quick Takes
7/1 09:35AM
Market Impact Weather
More Southern Midwest Rain
7/1 09:23AM
DTN's Livestock Quick Takes
7/1 08:51AM
NWS River Stages
7/1 08:26AM
DTN Morning Cotton Commentary
Cotton Gives Back Prior-Day Gain
7/1 08:09AM
DTN Before The Bell Grain Comments
Grains Pull Back Early, Moderate Tuesday's Gains
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Additional Rains Add Insult to Injury Caused by Tropical Storm Bill

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Monthly Analysis: Grain Markets

Fundamentally Speaking

Corn Yields Can Hold Despite Heavy Rains

Ag Policy Blog

Argentina and Brazil Beef Imports Approved Despite FMD Risks

Minding Ag's Business

Story Book Endings for Estate Taxes

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Hit-and-Miss Showers for Western Canada

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Grains Council Team Educates Southern Mexico Cattle Industry

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The Pollinator's Dilemma

Harrington's Sort & Cull

Between Bark and Bite

South America Calling

Brazilian Soy Rust Threat

An Urban's Rural View

Farmers Win Property Rights Case

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I Am NOT Old!

Editors' Notebook

The Good, The Bad, The Drowned

Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] Jul-15 404'6 -9'2 417'0 403'0
Dec-15 422'6 -8'6 436'0 421'4
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] Jul-15 1043'6 -12'4 1060'2 1041'0
Nov-15 1024'4 -12'6 1040'0 1019'0
ELEC. WHEAT[10] Jul-15 577'0 -37'6 615'6 577'0
Dec-15 586'0 -36'0 621'4 584'4
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] Jul-15 564'0 -29'2 593'0 563'2
Dec-15 600'4 -27'4 627'0 598'4
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] Jul-15 609'6 -12'4 619'0 609'6
Dec-15 626'2 -25'2 651'0 624'4
LIVE CATTLE[10] Aug-15 151.000 2.925 151.075 148.200
Oct-15 151.250 0.550 153.700 151.100
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Aug-15 215.000 0.275 218.500 215.000
Sep-15 --- --- --- ---
MILK CLASS III[10] Jul-15 16.11s 0.20 --- ---
Sep-15 16.61s 0.16 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] Jul-15 67.01 -0.50 67.01 67.01
Oct-15 67.47 -1.44 68.60 67.25
Wed, Jul 1, 2015 11:45 AM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:39
Filmed:  07/01/2015
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:03:01
Filmed:  07/01/2015
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:26
Filmed:  06/30/2015
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:24
Filmed:  06/30/2015
Reporter's Notebook
Length:  00:03:23
Filmed:  06/26/2015
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DTN Midday Grain Comments All Grains Lower at Midday 15 minutes ago
Trade is lower at midday with wheat being the downside leader.
Rain Wednesday in Areas of Midwest 7/1 6:06AM
The southern Midwest will see the heaviest rain for the Midwest, while lesser amounts are expected in northwestern areas. The Southeast will also see light coverage. Dry elsewhere.
Crop Tech Corner Community Weed Control Pays Off; Scientists Search for Flood-Tolerant Beans 6/19 9:26AM
In this week's Crop Tech Corner, a community of Arkansas farmers have successfully banded together to slow the spread of herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth, researchers are testing more flood-tolerant soybean varieties, and scientists confirm that high heat hinders the effectiveness of HPPD-inhibitor herbicides.
Fungus Among Us Wet Weather Spurs Disease
Dr. Dan Talks Agronomy Face the Fungicide Question
Wheat Harvest Late, Mixed May Rains Blessing and Curse
Market News Cattle Trades Go High Tech 6/29 10:26AM
AgriClear is not an auction, but an online digital sales floor where buyers and sellers negotiate trades and terms.
Anaplasmosis Hitting Hard More Herds at Risk as Anaplasmosis Spikes
Grazing Gets Boost From Rain Nebraska, Kansas Grazing Rallies With Rains
Ask the Vet Minerals to Cows
Land Management
Rain, Rain, Go Away Corn, Soybeans Face Wet Soils, Ponding 6/22 12:07PM
Waterlogged and flooded fields in much of the Midwest are putting corn and soybean fields at risk for plant death, poor crop development and disease this year.
Crops Swim in Texas South Texas Farmers Face Uncertainty After Record Rains
Farming With Friendlies Production Practices Can Promote Insect Allies in Battle Against Weeds, Pests
WOTUS Fine Print Ag Group Wants Congressional Action to Stop Water Rule
Farm Business
"Total Market Isn't Dead" Used Farm Machinery Grows to Glut 6/15 8:07AM
Used equipment inventories are escalating.
Labor Pains - 1 Help on the Fringes
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Shock Therapy for Finances Lenders Urge a Reset on 2016 Costs
UAS Research Takes Off Lawmakers Pledge Support for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Centers 6/8 10:46AM
Key members of the House and Senate last week praised the Federal Aviation Administration for selecting a consortium of mostly land-grant universities to research unmanned aircraft systems issues.
Midyear Checkup on Equipment Sales
Yamaha New ATVs Give Choices Kodiak 700 4x4 is Working Man's Version of Yamaha's New ATVs
Danger After the Storm
Ag Policy
Trade Bills Heading to President Ag Groups Largely See Opportunity From Pending Trade Deals 6/25 1:01PM
Pork, beef, corn, soybean, wheat, fruit and vegetable groups are all among those praising the final vote sending trade promotion authority to the president.
A Rice Carbon Offset Market California Regulators Could Recognize Emission Reductions From Rice Farmers
States Sue Over WOTUS Lawsuits Filed After EPA Publishes Final Rule on Clean Water Act Changes
Ethanol Leaders Rally for RFS Industry Calls on EPA Not to Lower Blending Volumes From Levels Set in Law
Farm Life
Evolution of Farm Kid Jobs Kid's Farm Jobs Aren't What They Used to Be 6/29 11:03AM
DTN Staff Reporter Russ Quinn reflects on the farm activities of his youth that his children will never experience.
IARC: Possible 2,4-D Cancer Link Classification Unlikely to Affect 2,4-D's Registration, IARC Observer Says
Never Going Back Controlled Breeding Season Brings Price Advantages
The Pollinator's Dilemma
Featured Column
Todd's Take Corn is Looking Up 6/30 8:09AM
It was a long wait, but corn prices are moving higher again.
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