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1/23 06:36PM
DTN Daily Basis Comments
HRS, Corn Basis Weaker; Soybean Basis Unchanged
1/23 04:32PM
Ag Canada Sees Larger 2015-16 Crops
Ending Stocks Still Expected to Tighten Due to Smaller Carry-In Supplies
1/23 04:13PM
DTN Closing Dairy Comments
Have Milk Futures Found a Bottom?
1/23 03:47PM
DTN Closing Livestock Comments
Lean Hog Futures Plunge to New Contract Lows
1/23 02:59PM
DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Ethanol Futures Shift Higher on Strong Corn Price
1/23 02:55PM
Brazil Rain Update
1/23 02:50PM
DTN Closing Cotton Commentary
Cotton Reverses to Finish on New Low
1/23 02:39PM
Survive and Thrive
Cost Efficiency Is Name of the Game in a Down Soybean Market
1/23 02:06PM
South Amercia Calling
Sluggish Brazil Eases Pressure on Freight
1/23 01:55PM
Light Precip to North Saturday
1/23 01:49PM
DTN Daily Feedstuffs Comments
Corn, Soybeans Close Lower Thursday
1/23 01:47PM
DTN Closing Grain Comments
Grains Mixed As Dollar Continues Higher
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Iowa Seeks to Ramp Up Politics of Ethanol

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Downside to Paying Family Miserly Wages

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Brazil Rain Update

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Ethanol, Biodiesel RINs Strengthen on RVO Uncertainty

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No Easy Fix for COOL

South America Calling

Sluggish Brazil Eases Pressure on Freight

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Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] Mar-15 386'6s 3'0 388'4 382'0
Dec-15 417'2s 4'0 418'0 412'0
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] Mar-15 972'6s -4'0 980'4 967'2
Nov-15 959'6s -1'2 965'0 954'0
ELEC. WHEAT[10] Mar-15 530'0s -3'6 536'0 526'2
Dec-15 555'6s -4'4 560'6 553'0
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] Mar-15 564'0s -0'6 566'6 560'2
Dec-15 598'0s -0'4 601'0 593'4
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] Mar-15 576'0s 0'4 578'6 571'6
Dec-15 608'0s 0'2 609'6 605'0
LIVE CATTLE[10] Feb-15 150.350s -3.000 152.200 150.350
Apr-15 148.800s -3.000 150.450 148.800
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Jan-15 213.700s -2.275 --- ---
Mar-15 201.825s -4.500 201.825 201.825
MILK CLASS III[10] Jan-15 16.08s 0.07 --- ---
Mar-15 14.64s 0.25 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] Mar-15 57.30s -0.46 58.67 57.05
May-15 58.20s -0.45 59.46 57.95
Sun, Jan 25, 2015 4:14 AM CST    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:01
Filmed:  01/23/2015
Reporter's Notebook
Length:  00:04:33
Filmed:  01/23/2015
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:20
Filmed:  01/23/2015
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:03:18
Filmed:  01/23/2015
Ag Summit Special Report - Ken Eriksen
Length:  00:03:39
Filmed:  12/09/2014
Ag Summit Special Report - Doug Stark
Length:  00:03:19
Filmed:  12/09/2014
Ag Summit Special Report - Derek Boudreau
Length:  00:04:27
Filmed:  12/08/2014
Ag Summit Special Report - Yelto Zimmer
Length:  00:02:59
Filmed:  12/08/2014
Ag Summit Special Report - Tregg Cronin
Length:  00:02:39
Filmed:  12/07/2014
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DTN Closing Grain Comments Grains Mixed As Dollar Continues Higher 1/23 1:47PM
It was another day of low-volume trade in grains with wheat and soybeans finishing lower, under ongoing pressure from this week's higher U.S. dollar. Corn managed to close higher, helped by a boost in last week's export sales and unconfirmed suspicions that China is buying U.S. corn.
Light Precip to North Saturday 1/23 1:55PM
Most areas dry Saturday, but some mixed precip expected in areas of the Northern Plains and Prairies. That rain and snow is likely to track into the Midwest over the weekend.
Crop Tech Corner Researchers Cook Up Heat-Loving Wheat, Plant Gene Lowers Arsenic Levels 1/16 1:53PM
Researchers have developed GE wheat that yields far better under hot conditions, a wheat gene is tapped to rescue the dying American chestnut tree, and scientists identify the gene that helps plants naturally lower their arsenic levels.
The Cost of Insect Control Scrutinize Pest Management Inputs in 2015
Doubling Up on Beans Soybean-on-Soybean Acres Create Risk, Extra Management
U.S. Pest Invasion Old World Bollworm Breaches U.S. Territory
Humane Livestock Handling on the Farm Temple Grandin: More Gains Needed in Treatment of Livestock 1/19 11:33AM
The American Farm Bureau Federation honored animal-handling expert Temple Grandin with a distinguished service award at its annual meeting.
California Feeders Try to Rebound Imperial Valley Faces Decline in Feeding Industry From 2014 Plant Closure
BQA Cattleman Time-Saver, Moneymaker
Ask The Vet Calf Loss Likely Due to Joint Ill
Land Management
Clean Water Goes a Long Way 1/5 12:51PM
Cleaning up 900 feet of a small creek in Kentucky brings rebirth to water once choked with sediment and debris.
Clean Water, Healthy Pastures
Give Your Pond New Life Fisheries Specialist Offers Tips to Good Pond Management
Land Market Land Market: Time for a Correction?
Farm Business
Fines for Fringe Benefits Beware Huge Penalties on Health Care Compensation 1/15 10:45AM
A little-noticed rule in the Affordable Care Act could impose huge penalties on small business. In most cases, if you have offered employees cash reimbursements instead of business-provided health care insurance, you must make changes retroactive to 2014 or face fines of $36,500 per employee per year.
Finance Outlook Finances Grim After Failure to Economize
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Farmland Outlook Land Values Head to a Soft Landing
Trimble's UAV Free to Fly 1/2 10:32AM
Trimble scored a public relations coup December 10 when it received an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration allowing it to fly its UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution (drone) for commercial purposes.
Compaction Connection Low-Pressure Tires Are Path to Higher Yields
Wind and Solar Pump the Water
Compact Shop Works Big Every Square Foot of Oklahoma Farmer's Shop Packed With Valuable Ideas
Ag Policy
Beef Checkoff Effort Resumes Groups Asked to Support Plan to Put Checkoff Increase to a Vote 1/21 4:20PM
Members of the eight organizations comprising the Beef Checkoff Enhancement Working Group were sent a proposal last week in the latest effort to reach industry agreement on ways to increase beef checkoff revenues.
Conservation Funds Announced Vilsack: Measures Take Time to Work
Capital Gains Proposal Senators Want Farmer Protection
Ag Policy Outlook Regulatory Battles Remain the Same, But Trade Agenda Could Advance
Farm Life
Klinefelter: By the Numbers Peer Advisory Groups: I Took Too Much for Granted 1/19 9:51AM
The main purpose of peer groups is to invest in continual improvement. Without focus, many evolve into discussion groups with little accountability.
Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl Avoid an Affordable Care Act Trap
Surgery on Plastics Soy Oil at Center of Cutting-Edge Research
Humane Livestock Handling on the Farm Temple Grandin: More Gains Needed in Treatment of Livestock
Featured Column
Newsom on the Market Two Sides of a Coin 1/23 9:50AM
Wild moves in global currencies either came out of nowhere, or were largely anticipated, depending on one's point of view.
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Ask the Vet Calf Loss Likely Due to Joint Ill 1/19 11:54AM
What might have been wrong with a calf that died early with swollen joints?