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Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl
How Do I Depreciate the Cost of Tile?
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The Road to $450 Seed Corn Will be a Road Less Travelled
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Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl
How Do I Depreciate the Cost of Tile?
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DTN Early Word Opening Livestock
Look for Livestock Futures to Open with Mixed Prices
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DTN Early Word Grains
Wheat Presses Higher Early Friday
50 minutes ago
Heavy Rain for Southern Plains Friday
5/21 04:22PM
DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Ethanol Futures Post Sharp Spot-Month Losses
5/21 04:08PM
DTN Closing Livestock Comments
Cattle Complex Bolts Sharply Higher
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Editors' Notebook

Keep Those Planters Rolling

Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] Jul-15 366'6 1'6 367'6 363'6
Dec-15 384'0 1'6 384'6 381'0
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] Jul-15 940'4 2'0 941'4 934'4
Nov-15 921'4 3'0 922'2 915'2
ELEC. WHEAT[10] Jul-15 527'4 5'4 529'0 521'2
Dec-15 549'0 6'4 549'6 542'0
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] Jul-15 561'4 3'6 564'0 556'2
Dec-15 588'0 4'2 590'2 583'2
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] Jul-15 582'0 3'6 583'0 576'4
Dec-15 603'0 0'4 606'6 601'0
LIVE CATTLE[10] Jun-15 152.375s 1.025 152.850 152.275
Aug-15 150.900s 1.175 151.425 150.250
FEEDER CATTLE[10] May-15 220.100s 0.375 --- ---
Aug-15 217.725s 1.025 217.975 217.725
MILK CLASS III[10] May-15 16.23s 0.02 --- ---
Jul-15 16.68s 0.12 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] Jul-15 63.73 0.00 63.94 63.70
Oct-15 --- --- --- ---
Fri, May 22, 2015 6:40 AM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:13
Filmed:  05/21/2015
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:22
Filmed:  05/21/2015
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:02:49
Filmed:  05/21/2015
Reporter's Notebook
Length:  00:04:08
Filmed:  05/15/2015
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DTN Early Word Grains Wheat Presses Higher Early Friday 41 minutes ago
6:00 AM CME Globex: July corn is up 1 3/4 cents, July soybeans are up 1/4 cent, and July Chicago wheat is up 6 cents.
Heavy Rain for Southern Plains Friday 50 minutes ago
Most crop areas will be dry today, with heavy rain in the Southern Plains.
Be Pre-Pared Wet or Dry Conditions May Foil Pre-Emergence Herbicides 5/14 2:19PM
It's time to get out and check the success of your soil-applied herbicide applications. Growers are facing a range of field conditions that can affect weed control.
Bean Fungus on the Rise Stem Canker, Pod and Stem Blight Ramp Up in Midwest
EU OKs High-Oleic Traits High-Oleic Beans Near Commercialization
Crop Tech Corner Scientists Find a "Natural" GMO, New Bt Protein Proves Safe
Poultry's Pains What Do 33 Million Dead Chickens Mean to Beef Producers? 5/18 8:58AM
As poultry losses climb, cattle producers may be surprised at the impact it has on this year's market.
Dewormer Detective Control Failures Becoming More Common for Some Dewormers
Animal Odd Couples Grazing Multiple Livestock Species
Ask the Vet Colostrum Replacers or Supplements?
Land Management
Drought Recovery Flexibility is the Only Rule 4/27 2:42PM
March auctions show cash rent shocks could mount in 2016.
Pasture Cohabitation Grazing Multiple Livestock Species
Mandatory or Voluntary Runoff Rules? Panel: Nutrient Runoff Reduction Strategies Differ
A Marriage That Works Cattle Grazing Encourages New Growth of Natives on CRP Land
Farm Business
Soy Frontier at Middle Age - 1 How Brazil's Pioneers Rode the Soybean Boom 5/15 4:49PM
Optimists nicknamed Brazil's frontier "Soylandia" at the turn of the millenium, describing a country that would suddenly triple its soybean production in the next 15 years and rival the U.S. as world's largest soy producer and exporter. The country's unparalleled farming boom made paper millionaires out of many of Mato Grosso's pioneers. DTN's Marcia Zarley Taylor and Alastair Stewart reexamine the boom years and what's ahead for Brazil's soybean growth as the frontier marks middle age.
Plugging Leaks in Prevented Planting More Reforms for Crop Insurance?
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
DTN Ag Business Benchmark Finances Already Wounded by Low Grain Prices
Wolverine Heads for the Mountains Yamaha Built for Rough Trails, Steep Slopes 5/4 12:32PM
The newest side-by-side from Yamaha is built for rough trails and steep slopes.
UAVs Taking Flight in Ag Among Uses is Potential to Boost Efficiency for Crop Insurance Claims
Research Before Buying Used Equipment Look Before You Leap When Purchasing Used Farm Machinery
Grain Entrapments Up in 2014 New Tools Help Save Lives
Ag Policy
Farmers Question Co-op Merger South Dakota Producers, Co-ops Have Different Takes on Competitive Pressures 5/18 8:30AM
Farmers in South Dakota question why two strong cooperatives are aggressively moving forward with plans to merge when the local elevators offer them the best opportunity to compare prices and have multiple locations to deliver grain. Leaders at the two cooperatives say the merger is needed to reduce duplication and compete with a growing number of companies coming into the state offering grain marketing and agronomy services.
USDA Funding for Conservation Regional Conservation Partnership Program Open for 2016 Funding
Groups Want USDA Investigated Organizations Charge USDA Suppressing Scientists Over Neonic Research
Groups Seek to Sway RFS Plan Oil, Biofuel Groups Push Their Case Regarding EPA's Three-Year Proposal
Farm Life
Klinefelter: By the Numbers Tighter Credit Coming 5/18 11:05AM
Back-to-back years of low or negative returns are bound to raise flags with farm lenders.
DTN Ag Business Benchmark Finances Already Wounded by Low Grain Prices
Soy Frontier at Middle Age - 1 How Brazil's Pioneers Rode the Soybean Boom
Is Taking GMOs Off the Menu Pandering?
Featured Column
Newsom on the Market A Week Away 23 minutes ago
A week away from the day-to-day noise of the market is nice every once in a while.
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What type of colostrum replacer or supplement should I use?