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Ag Groups Ask GOP Candidates to Check Out Green Power
3/4 04:27PM
DTN Closing Livestock Comments
Front Four Feeder Cattle Futures Close Up Limit
3/4 03:59PM
DTN Closing Dairy Comments
Classes II, III Prices Decline; Class IV Increases
3/4 03:43PM
DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Ethanol Moves Past Lower Corn Market
3/4 03:06PM
Senate Fails to Override Keystone Veto
State Department Could Make Final Recommendation to Obama on Pipeline Within Weeks
3/4 02:51PM
DTN Closing Cotton Commentary
Cotton Settles Just Below Unchanged
3/4 02:19PM
Snow Thursday Texas to North and East
3/4 01:44PM
DTN Daily Feedstuffs Comments
Corn Higher, Soybeans Turn Lower Tuesday
3/4 01:42PM
DTN Closing Grain Comments
Soybeans, Wheat Drag Grains Lower
3/4 01:38PM
DTN Midday Dairy Comments
Block Increase Fails to Move the Market
3/4 01:30PM
DTN Ag Weather Brief
3/4 01:05PM
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Ag Groups Ask GOP Candidates to Check Out Green Power

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Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] Mar-15 381'4s -0'4 382'6 378'0
Dec-15 413'6s -2'6 417'0 410'4
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] Mar-15 989'0s -19'6 1010'2 988'2
Nov-15 972'6s -15'0 989'4 971'4
ELEC. WHEAT[10] Mar-15 493'4s -15'2 509'0 491'2
Dec-15 528'4s -4'0 533'0 525'2
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] Mar-15 523'4s -7'0 525'2 522'0
Dec-15 563'6s -7'2 571'0 561'6
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] Mar-15 557'2s -4'0 551'4 551'4
Dec-15 588'4s -4'2 592'4 583'6
LIVE CATTLE[10] Apr-15 154.050s 3.000 154.050 151.100
Jun-15 146.325s 2.650 146.675 143.450
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Mar-15 207.225s 4.500 --- ---
Apr-15 204.375s 4.500 204.375 203.150
MILK CLASS III[10] Mar-15 15.46s -0.02 --- ---
May-15 15.60s -0.12 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] Mar-15 63.61s -0.12 63.49 63.00
May-15 63.60s -0.03 63.82 63.05
Wed, Mar 4, 2015 6:14 PM CST    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:02:45
Filmed:  03/04/2015
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:28
Filmed:  03/04/2015
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:03:04
Filmed:  03/04/2015
Reporter's Notebook
Length:  00:05:05
Filmed:  02/20/2015
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DTN Closing Grain Comments Soybeans, Wheat Drag Grains Lower 3/4 1:42PM
All three grains closed lower Wednesday as the market's focus turned back to favorable growing conditions in South America and the anticipation of large row crop harvests ahead. Wheat prices closed lower after a mix of snow and rain helped moisture levels across the southern U.S.
Snow Thursday Texas to North and East 3/4 2:19PM
Central Texas will see snow Thursday, which will extend northward and to the east as far as New England. Rain will cover the Texas Gulf and extend east and north to the Virginia coast.
The Art of Planting - 6 Pressure to Achieve Downpressure 3/2 8:03AM
The need for consistent seeding depth focuses attention on new control systems.
Dr. Dan Talks Agronomy Too Much Salt Can Ruin the Recipe
The Art of Planting - 8 Best Buy
Crop Tech Corner Sorghum Yields Get a Boost; Wheat Rust Resistance Pinpointed
Fescue and Bull Fertility Fescue May Lower Conception Rates Two Ways 3/2 1:49PM
The common toxin found in some fescue varieties not only can lower conception rates in cows but may negatively affect sperm motility in bulls.
The Building of a Bull Hand-Fed, Home-Raised Bulls Meet the Mark
The Market's Fine Print Lowering the Gangplank
Ask the Vet First-Calf Heifer Keeps Coming Into Heat
Land Management
Two Sisters, One Bold Move Conservation Ethic Thrives on Century-Old Montana Ranch That Almost Never Was 2/2 1:26PM
If not for two unrelated sisters and a salt barrel, Robert Bold's family story would read a lot differently.
Down but Not Out Farmland Market Stabilizing
Sustainable Partners New Initiative Allows Farmers to Test, Compare Soil-Health Improvements
Neb. Court Slows Keystone TransCanada to Stay Eminent Domain
Farm Business
IRS Resets Clock on ACA Penalties "No Double Dipping" Still in Force 2/20 11:05AM
A retroactive IRS notice buys time for small employers to discontinue health reimbursement plans made illegal under the Affordable Care Act.
Down But Not Out Farmland Market Stabilizing
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Permanent Section 179 Fix House Passes Bill to Make $500,000 Equipment Write-Off Permanent
Harvest Helper New Stripper/Baler Saves Time 2/25 3:55PM
New cotton stripper/baler can save time and labor costs.
Brace It With Wire Brace Assembly Is Key to Strong Fenceline
You Wish You Owned This
Another Headwind for Drones
Ag Policy
E-Verify Could Apply to Farms House Judiciary Approves Employer Mandate Ag Leaders Oppose 3/3 4:54PM
The House Judiciary Committee is considering a bill that would require every employer in the country to use the E-Verify system to check whether a potential employee is in the United States legally. The Agriculture Workforce Coalition opposes the bill.
Base Acres Deadline Extended Ag Secretary Says USDA Will Monitor ARC-PLC Sign Up Through March 31
USDA Mum on ARC-PLC Extension Ag Secretary Monitors Farm Program Sign-Up Daily
Corn Growers Defend RFS Members of Congress Seek Repeal While EPA Dithers on Volume Requirements
Farm Life
The World Wants Our Hay Skyrocketing Demand in China, Middle East Means More US Hay Heading Overseas 2/25 3:34PM
Once considered a mostly local commodity because of bulky physical characteristics that make handling and transportation difficult, an increasing amount of U.S. hay has been moving to overseas markets during the past five years.
Mine the Data Analyzing Aggregate Crop-Production Info Helps Iowa Farmers Make Management Decisions
Will We Swallow GE Potatoes Farmers Need a Voice in GE Discussions
Flip a Coin on ARC, PLC Farm Program's Dueling Computers
Featured Column
Kub's Den Battle? Brawl? Skirmish? Tiff? 3/4 8:58AM
After taking a look at historic price ratios, DTN Contributing Analyst Elaine Kub doesn't expect any single, new-crop market to make a significantly bigger move than the other during March.
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Ask the Vet First-Calf Heifer Keeps Coming Into Heat 3/2 2:16PM
Why does my first-calf heifer keep coming into heat?